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Ron and Veronica hold their first roundtable since their return, joined by Jason Corley and Jennifer Decker, and then they interview Ben Overmyer of Silver Gryphon Games about Ingenium Second Edition, which the company is currently Kickstarting.

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In their return episode, Ron and Veronica conduct two interviews. Don Dehm discusses his Satyr Stein Homebrew project, and Ed Wetterman discusses the upcoming Savage Worlds setting, Degrees of Horror.

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New Website Soon and Flashback Friday

We just wanted to let you know we will have a brand new site for TGTT very soon! Further, we will be re-starting Flashback Fridays—it turns out we had some errors with our download numbers, which are now fixed. The plan is to have blogs every Monday and most Wednesdays, with Flashback Friday rounding out our typical week. All this is leading up to the return of the podcast in Summer 2014!

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Special: Dragon Kings w/ Timothy Brown

The Blessings briefly return to bring you this special episode, wherein they interview Tim Brown, creator of the new setting, Dragon Kings. We learn Tim's history in the game industry and get treated to an exceprt of one of the songs from the Dragon Kings concept album. Check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter while you still can!

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One thing we've decided about our return is that it has to be right. We understand it's going to take time as well, so we beg your patience. At this point, we're thinking the return of a regular show will be some time in the first half of 2014. We have a few requirements for our return, including a new website, a stable recording environment, and a consistent schedule. It's also our hope for both of us to blog regularly on the site, so perhaps The Game's the Thing isn't just a podcast, but more of a multimedia thing. Finally, we are looking to perhaps publish our own game material under the TGTT banner. This last one will likely take the most time to get rolling. Whatever happens, we will keep you posted.

We did do a little bit of recording at TactiCon over Labor Day weekend. It will produce one or two shows that will be released through the feed, but for strategic numbering purposes it/they will be listed as "specials." Look for at least one very soon.

Until next time, do good, avoid evil, and play more games!

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Okay. Veronica and I have decided we would definitely like to return to The Game's the Thing. We miss talking to our game indurstry friends and making new ones. So we're in the process of finding our way back. We have a couple obstacles to our return, and they're strongly related: time and money. Let me explain.

Veronica is very busy with our new son. He'll be 8 months old soon, and she's nursing him; so hopefully you can imagine the time sink when you add in Vern's full time job and our other child, Catherine, who's 9 going on 16.

On top of my father/husband duties and my full-time job, I have to freelance to make ends meet. One of the reasons I ended The Game's the Thing was that I had three activities outside the aforementiond father/husband/job: podcasting, freelancing, and gaming. Bottom line was the difference between podcasting and freelancing was much-needed money. And I wasn't going to give up gaming so I could talk about games and work on games. It just seemed counter-intuitive.

So here's the impasse. If we were to come back to TGTT, the podcast would have to replace at least some of the money I'd lose by reducing my freelancing workload. Unfortunately there's no consistent way to monetize a podcast. RPG companies don't tend to have much money to advertise on podcasts (even ones that can get 22,000 downloads in a year without new content). Click-through advertising is both ugly and annoying. A "donate" button doesn't provide much incentive. There's no good way to charge per episode that I can think of.

Enter Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is huge, and I know of at least one podcast that made a comeback using Kickstarter. So I'm going to put it to you, the listener (and reader, apparently). What do you really think of a Kickstarter for TGTT? I'd like some real discussion here.

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Fair warning, we did not edit this episode. It was hard enough to add the music. There were tears during and after the recording. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions below--take them in the context they were made.

We recorded our final, regular show at Genghis Con XXXIII, which was presented by the Denver Gamers Association (DGA) at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado.

We were joined at the table by Clint Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Ed Doolittle (friend), Chris Fuchs (The Savage Mommy), Lee Langston (The God of Gaming), Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games), Leif Olsen (DGA), Sean Preston (Reality Blurs), Bill Stilson (DGA), Justin Suzuki (Protocol 5 Productions), and Linda Tschappat (DGA). There were short appearances by Doug Keester (friend and local gamer-at-large), Bill Keyes (Blackwyrm Publishing), Ross Watson (Vigil Games), and others.

Our discussion started with a Genghis Con wrap-up. We also talked about the show ending, including some of our favorite all-time moments, and what's coming up for Ron and Veronica.

We introduced our new, upcoming show, RoleplayDNA, and it's cast: Ron Blessing, Veronica Blessing, Ed Doolittle, Lee Langston, and Justin Suzuki. Look for RoleplayDNA in April 2012!

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Episode 099: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown w/ Geoffrey McKinney

We were joined by Geoffrey McKinney, designer of Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown, recently released by Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Of course the controversy surrounding Carcosa was discussed. Overall it was a great time!

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Hey folks!

We have been talking about this privately for awhile, and now we think it's time to just do it. We have made the decision to end The Game's the Thing at Episode 100. We think 100 is a great place to end it, and after over 5 1/2 years, we're ready to move on to new things.

We will be announcing our next steps as soon as we know what they are. In the meantime you have two shows to look forward to, and we truly hope you enjoy them.

Until next episode, do good, avoid evil, and PLAY MORE GAMES!

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Episode 098: The Widening Gyre w/ Bill Keyes

We were joined by game designer and layout artist, Bill Keyes. We discussed his setting for the Hero System, the Widening Gyre, from Blackwyrm Publishing. Of course no discussion of a steampunk game would be complete without waxing philosophical on the genre itself, which we did.

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Episode 097: Night's Black Agents w/ Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite joined us to discuss his latest Gumshoe game from Pelgrane Press, the vampire spy thriller, Night's Black Agents (NBA). During the discussion Ken told us what's upcoming for the game, including a previously unrevealed campaign sourcebook. Toward the end of the show, we even have time to talk about Ken's geekiest effort to date, Adventures Into Darkness.

Game Links:
Ashen Stars
Bubble Gum Shoe
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG
Day After Ragnarok
Delta Green
Hunter: The Vigil
Mutants & Masterminds

PDQ: Truth & Justice
Smallville RPG
Trail of Cthulhu
World War Cthulhu

Media Links:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Declare by Tim Powers
George Smiley
James Bond
Jason Bourne
Kiss Me Deadly
Mission: Impossible
Nedor Publishing
Veronica Mars

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Episode 096: Part-Time Gods & Genghis Con XXXIII Mash-Up

The Blessings were joined by Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games and Leif Olsen and Bill Stilson of the Denver Gamers Association. We discussed Eloy's latest game, Part-Time Gods, and the upcoming Genghis Con XXXIII, at which Eloy will be a guest. Lot's of game-name dropping in this episode, what with the holidays and all…

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Army of Darkness RPG
Buckaroo Banzai RPG
Cooking for Gamers
Denver Gamers on Facebook
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt
Dystopian Wars
Eloy the Saint / Rolling 20s
Flying Frog Games
Fortune and Glory
Gamer: The Blogging
Hero System
Hollow Earth Expedition
John Wick Presents
Kill Doctor Lucky
Leverage RPG
The One Ring RPG
Reality Blurs
Savage Worlds
Serenity RPG
Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill
Third Eye Games on Facebook
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

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Episode 095: Honor + Intrigue w/ Chris Rutkowsky

We started the episode with some announcements and feedback from Episode 94. Then Chris Rutkowsky, of Basic Action Games, joined us to discuss his new game. Honor +  Intrigue, a game of swashbuckling in the 17th century, has a game engine based on the excellent Barbarians of Lemuria. Chris also brought us up to date on other upcoming releases from Basic Action Games.

Basic Action Games' RPGNow Store
Beautiful Brains Books & Games
Cooking for Gamers
John Wick Presents
Smiling Jack's Bar & Grill

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Episode 094: Catching Up w/ John Wick

We were joined by John Wick (John Wick Presents), initially to discuss his latest Little Game, Eldritch High. We did discuss that game, but we ended up catching up on a lot more, including other games in the upcoming Big Book of Little Games, and John's soon-to-be-released Big Game, the Aegis Project.

And check out Rise of the Wombat, a game day sponsored by us,, and Total Escape Games! You can register for games by calling 303-482-1829 or emailing Sheila at

Other Links:
Agents of Oblivion
Bliss Stage
Denver Gamers Association
Fabled Environments
Play Unsafe
Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
Savage Worlds

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Episode 093: Agents of Oblivion w/Sean Preston

In his 007th appearance on TGTT, Sean Preston discusses Reality Blurs' latest effort, Agents of Oblivion. Sean also updates us on his other settings. Stick around till the very end to hear the official Razorwise theme song!

Beautiful Brains Books & Games
Gazebo Story
Girl Genius
Roleplayer's Chronicle
Ron's Preview of AoO
Savage Insider

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Episode 092: TactiCon 2011 Wrap-Up, Take Two

After disaster struck recording this the first time, we met the Saturday after TactiCon, in the dining room of the Blessing household, to try again. We were joined by Catherine "CaLeigh" Blessing, Lee Langston, Bill Stilson, Justin Suzuki, Linda Tschappat, and Matthew Ward, to give our impressions of TactiCon 2011. We spent a little time discussing the first ever Savage Saturday Night, west of the Mississippi. CaLeigh also provided the 7-year-old perspective on Con Jr. (which happens at 11:42 in the show, for those family types who may just want to hear her and don't know what a dodecahedron* is).

Cyberpunk 2020
Denver Gamers Association
Fabled Environments
Hero System
Interface Zero
Leverage RPG
Red Lion Hotel
Savage Worlds
Savage World of Solomon Kane
Temporal Probability Agency
Weekend Warriors (12 to Midnight)

*20-sided die

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Episode 091: Charles White Part 3D

We were joined by Charles White of Fabled Environments, and he updates us on what he's been doing since he was on the show four years ago. He also drops a huge prize on us to give away this weekend at TactiCon!!

Beautiful Brains Books & Games
Roleplayers Chronicle
Silver Gryphon Games
Tom G's Go Forth and Game

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Episode 090: Ashen Stars w/ Robin D. Laws

Robin D. Laws returns to present Ashen Stars, the space opera Gumshoe game from Pelgrane Press. In addition to Ashen Starts, we spend some time discussing Hamlet's Hit Points and Robin's next game system for Pelgrane, the Drama System,  and it's first implementation, Hillfolk.

While you're at it, keep your eyes peeled for Robin's upcoming, sefl-publishing effort, New Tales of the Yellow Sign!

Agents of Oblivion
The Esoterrorists

Other sources:
Battlestar Galactica
Gaean Reach
The Shield
Star Trek

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Episode 089: Dragon Brigade RPG w/ Cam Banks

Cam Banks returns to present the Dragon Brigade RPG, from Margaret Weis Productions, based on the new fantasy setting by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes. We also discussed what's upcoming for the rest of the Cortex Plus game line, from puffy books to children's adventures.

To get a great primer on the Dragon Brigade setting, check out The Day Is Ours, the free Dragon Brigade prequel novella!

7th Sea
Dresden Files RPG
Leverage RPG
Smallville RPG

And check out Geoffrey's DeviantArt site:

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Episode 088: Bulldogs! w/ Brennan Taylor

Justin Suzuki of the WombatCast guest hosts as we are joined by Brennan Taylor of Galileo Games to discuss the new FATE version of his game setting, Bulldogs! Brennan also talks about his other games and gives some pointers based on his Kickstarter success.

Dresden Files RPG
Evil Hat Productions
How We Came To Live Here
Indie Press Revolution
Kingdom of Nothing
Mortal Coil
Spirit of the Century
Titan A.E.
Voice of the Revolution

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Episode 087: Presenting TactiCon 2011

We were joined by Bill Stilson and Linda Tschappat of the Denver Gamers Association to discuss the upcoming TactiCon 2011. This year's TactiCon will benefit NaNoWriMo.

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Episode 086: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Along with guest host, Marc "Lord Inar" Gacy, we were joined by Jim Raggi of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Zak S. of Playing D&D With Porn Stars and I Hit It With My Axe. We discussed Jim's Grindhouse Edition of LotFP and Zak's Vornheim: The Complete City Kit.

Listen closely for a coupon code good for 20% off at the LotFP store--a limited time offer!

Other Links:
Dungeons & Dragons
Eloy Lasanta's Blog and Podcast
Labyrinth Lord
Shadow, Sword & Spell
Swords & Wizardry

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Episode 085: Fifth Anniversary w/ Shane Hensley

In celebration of five years in podcasting, we took a trip down memory lane using the convenient invention of voicemail. Then we welcomed back our first ever interviewee, Shane Lacy Hensley. We discussed his Cryptic Studios game, Neverwinter, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group's newest release of the Savage Worlds core rules, Savage Worlds Deluxe.

The Fine Folks We Discussed:
Shane Hensley
Sean Patrick Fannon
Sean Preston
Clint Black
Brennan Taylor
Ed Wetterman
Fred Hicks
Jeff Combos - Deadfellas Kickstart
Chris Pramas
Matthew Cutter - The Man They Call Shane
Jodi Black
Kenneth Hite
John Wick
Ross Watson
Patrick Kapera
Derek Rex
Chris Rutkowski
Robin D. Laws
Bill Stilson
Ben Overmeyer

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Episode 084: Black Crusade w/ Ross Watson & Sam Stewart

Ross Watson makes his return to the show, and this time he has back-up in fellow designer, Sam Stewart, who joins us for the first time. These fine gentlemen present Fantasy Flight Games' latest Warhammer 40,000 RPG, Black Crusade. Soon to be released at GenCon, this fourth game in the trilogy allows roleplayers to craft a campaign from the perspective of Chaos.

We did have some sound issues, stemming from rain thrashing the metal roof at FFG HQ. But it's worth the listen if you have any interest in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe!

By the way, you still have through June 30th to take the RPG Podcasts survey!

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Episode 083: Apathy Games

We were joined by Jeff Carlsen and Tyson J. Hayes of Apathy Games, wherein we discussed their Savage Worlds setting, Temporal Probability Agency. We spent quite a bit of time talking about their design choices, especially in terms of presentation, regarding their new Savage Worlds stat block and their adventure layout.

Other games mentioned:
d20 Modern
Dungeons & Dragons
Storytelling Adventure System

Other items of interest:
Men In Black
Order of the Stick
Pampered Chef
RPG Podcasts Survey
Tyson's beercast, Snooty Drunks

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Episode 082: Chuck Rice of Vigilance Press

We had a great discussion with Chuck Rice of Vigilance Press. We discussed Chuck's career, including his time with RPG Objects, where he supported d20 Modern (most notably the Blood & ______ series), Darwin's World, and his own take on the Modern SRD, Modern20. Vigilance Press currently supports Bash, d20, Icons, Mutants & Masterminds, Mutant Future, OSRIC, and True20. We spoke at length about Chuck's two recent projects, The Usher Dossiers and Nuclear Sunset.

Other Links:
Chuck's Blog
RPG Podcasts Survey
Vigilance Press Podcast

Direct download: tgtt082.mp3
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We finally return from our hiatus to bring our listeners up to speed and discuss a crazy, gamer-related idea Veronica and her sister Cat have. They've put together a Pampered Chef party for RPG enthusiasts. Sound fun? It should. We also talked about some upcoming guests, our friends at the Pulp Gamer Media Network, and this year's listener survey. We even mentioned our friends at Oh, and Ron may have poked fun at Tucson and its inhabitants once or twice. But Tucsonans are such good folks, they'll be fine with it... right?

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Episode 80: [Fantasy] Ingenium with Ben Overmyer

A week and a day behind schedule, we were joined by Ben Overmyer, of Silver Gryphon Games, to talk about simplifying fantasy roleplaying and his game, Ingenium.

We didn't mention it in the show, but Ingenium will be available in print this Friday, at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

Dragon Warriors
Dungeons & Dragons
Fantasy Hero
Palladium Fantasy
Savage Worlds
Warhammer Quest
Wellstone City

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Episode 079: GenghisCon Wrap-Up Part 2

For the final part of our GenghisCon XXXII wrap-up, we were again joined by Ross Watson, Michael Surbrook, Bill Keyes, Marc Gacy, Justin Suzuki, and Andy Collier. In addition we spoke briefly with con organizer, Leif Olson, and Denver Gamer's Association President, Bill Stilson.

Finally, we took the time to discuss Michael's settings for the Hero system, Kazei 5 and the upcoming Mythic America, and Marc Gacy's conversion work for Savage Worlds on Gaslight and Void Station 57.

Battlefield Press
BlackWyrm Publishing
Dark City Games
Denver Gamer's Association
Fantasy Flight Games
Hero Games
Surbrook's Stuff

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Episode 078: GenghisCon XXXII Wrap-Up Part 1

We had quite the cast to open our two-part wrap-up of GenghisCon XXXII: Ross Watson of Fantasy Flight Games, freelance writer Michael Surbrook, freelance writer and layout designer Bill Keyes, freelance writer Marc Gacy, and podcasters Justin Suzuki and Andy Collier. We also take the time to discuss Ross' latest Warhammer 40,000 RPG, Deathwatch.

Battlefield Press
BlackWyrm Publishing
Cyberpunk 2020
Dark City Games
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Fantasy Flight Games
Hero Games
Iron Dynasty
Kazei 5
Rocky Mountain Savages
Savage Worlds
Unknown Armies
Warhammer 40,000 Tabletop Miniatures
Wombat Cast

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Episode 077: [East Meets West] Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade

We were joined by Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games to complete our two-part series on adapting Eastern philosophies and elements into Western gaming. Eloy's game is Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade. In addition, Eloy revealed upcoming products in all his game line's, including the upcoming Part-Time Gods.


Legend of the Five Rings

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Naruto: Shippuden
Ninja Scroll
Ranma 1/2

One Piece
Other Materials
The Eight Immortals
Eloy's Blog
The ENnie Awards

Direct download: tgtt077.mp3
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Episode 076: [East Meets West] Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin

We were joined by Sean Preston of Reality Blurs. We discussed injecting Eastern genres into Western games, as it pertains to his setting for Savage Worlds, Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin. Sean has offered to continue his preorder bundle for a week beyond the release of this show, but just this week, the Reality Blurs store has started malfunctioning. He assured us if folks email him at, he will honor the deal, which is buy the print version from the Reality Blurs store, get the PDF for only $5. Hurry! This is for one week only.

Before we got into our East Meets West discussion, we played the interview we did with the fine folks at MagnaCon 2011.


Fantasy Craft
Legend of the Five Rings

Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Hidden Fortress
Kill Bill
The Last Airbender
Ninja Scroll
Samurai 7
Seven Samurai
Star Wars

Book of Five Rings
Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa

Other Materials
Pandora's Box
Sengoku Era
TGTT Episode about Fantasy Craft

Direct download: tgtt076.mp3
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Episode 075: Convention Gaming with Leif Olsen and Bill Stilson

We were joined by Leif Olsen and Bill Stilson of the Denver Gamers Association (DGA), to discuss gaming at conventions. Special attention was paid to the upcoming Genghis Con, which will take place in the Denver area in February. We had a brief discussion about TactiCon, which is later in the year. And check out the DGA Facebook page.

Ron also detailed which games he'll be running at MagnaCon in Denver, this weekend.

Deadlands: Reloaded
Dresden FIles RPG
Dungeons & Dragons
Ghostbusters RPG
Leverage RPG
Savage Worlds
Serenity RPG
Smallville RPG
Star Wars Saga Edition
Supernatural RPG
Swords & Wizardry


Direct download: tgtt075.mp3
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Episode 074: [Pulp Adventure] Sechin Tower and Jeff Combos

In this episode, we were joined by Jeff Combos and Sechin Tower of Exile Game Studio. Jeff and Sechin are the masterminds behind Hollow Earth Expedition, so there was much talk of that game and its system. Ron also brought up a local mini-con, MagnaCon, where he will be running games this January.

Exile Game Studio
Main Website
Sechin's Blog

Pulp Resources

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Mars Books
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Lost World

Everyday Life From Prohibition to World War II

Big Trouble in Little China
Indiana Jones
The Mummy
The Rocketeer (and the comics)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Con Website
Project VOYCE (Voices of Youth Changing Education)

Direct download: tgtt074.mp3
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Episode 073: [Capers] Leverage RPG

In our triumphant return, Cam Banks and Rob Donoghue joined us to discuss running caper stories and, specifically, the Leverage RPG--the latest release from Margaret Weis Productions, based on the hit TV show, Leverage.

Non-gaming sources for caper stories:

Catch Me If You Can
Ocean's Eleven
The Sting

Books - Fiction
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
Dortmunder Novels by Donald Westlake

The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man by David Maurer
Rip-Off: A Writer's Guide to Crimes of Deception by Fay Faron
Books by Frank Abignale (anything by him, but notably, Catch Me If You Can)

Kung Fu Monkey (John Rogers)
Schneier on Security
Straight Forward in a Crooked World

Other games mentioned:
Dogs in the Vineyard
Dresden Files RPG
Dungeons & Dragons
Smallville RPG
Wilderness of MIrrors
World of Darkness

Direct download: tgtt073.mp3
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Episode 072: [Improv] Skulduggery

Jason joins us for our second Improv episode. This time we have Robin Laws discussing his new game, Skulduggery. We had some major issues with the sound on Robin's side of things, so apologies for that. The content was so good, we felt the story still needed to get out.

Another thing we should mention is this month marks the four year anniversary of TGTT. We'll talk about that in an upcoming show, but in the meantime, we'd like to thank our listeners who have been with us all this time.

Dungeons & Dragons
Feng Shui
Hamlet's Hit Points
Play Dirty
Play Unsafe
Pyramid Magazine
Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering

Direct download: tgtt072.mp3
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Episode 071: [Improv] Play Unsafe

We begin a two-part series on improvisational roleplaying with Play Unsafe author, Graham Walmsley. Our friend, Jason "The Best GM in Tucson" Corley, helps us shoulder the hosting duties for this series.

Call of Cthulhu
Diana Warrior Princess
Dresden Files RPG
Dungeons & Dragons
Houses of the Blooded
Lacuna Part I
Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
Smallville RPG
Trail of Cthulhu
Vampire the Masquerade

And check out the RPG discussion site Jason and Graham were talking about so much, Story Games.

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Episode 070: [Super May] Smallville RPG

We conclude Super May with Margaret Weis Productions' Cam Banks. We of course discuss the Smallville RPG and the supers genre, in general. The Game's the Thing will return on June 18th, when we'll dovetail off of Smallville, into our next topic!

Other Links:
Dresden Files RPG
Dungeons & Dragons 
Full Light, Full Steam
Leverage RPG
Marvel Super Heroes RPG
Mutants & Masterminds
Necessary Evil
Primetime Adventures
Sons of Liberty
Superhero: 2044
Supernatural RPG
Truth & Justice
Villains & Vigilantes
White Dwarf Magazine
With Great Power

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Episode 069: [Super May] Icons

In week three of Super May, we are joined by super hero RPG veteran, Steve Kenson, as we discuss his brand new game, Icons.

Other Links:
DC Heroes
Dragon Age
Dresden Files RPG
GURPS Supers
Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game
Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (SAGA)
Mutants & Masterminds
Spirit of the Century
Truth & Justice

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Episode 068: [Super May] Basic Action Super Heroes!

Super May continues with Basic Action Games' Chris Rutkowsky. Along with our discussion of the supers roleplaying category, Chris tells us about his game, Basic Action Super Heroes! Ultimate Edition.

Other links:
Marvel Super Heroes

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Episode 067: [Super May] Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

Super May begins with the return of Clint Black of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. During our conversation of supers RPGs, in general, we discussed Clint's Necessary Evil and the new Super Powers Companion.

Other links:
Basic Action Super Heroes
DC Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes
Mutants & Masterminds

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Episode 066: Entry-Level RPGs with Chris Pramas

We were joined by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, makers of the entry-level tabletop RPG based on Bioware's Dragon Age computer games. Aside from the topic of entry-level RPGs, we discussed licensed games a bit. Toward the end, Chris let us know what was coming out next for Green Ronin's various product lines.

Other Links:
Advanced Squad Leader
Arkham Horror
Apocalypse Prevention Inc.
d6 Star Wars
Dragon Age Computer Game
GAMA Trade Show
Games Workshop (Warhammer)
GMT Games (Combat Commander: Europe, Commands & Colors: Ancients)
Green Ronin Publishing (Dragon Age RPG, Mutants & Masterminds, A Song of Ice and Fire)
Hero 6th Edition
The One Ring (Lord of the Rings RPG)
Pipecleaner Creations
Skyrealms of Jorune
Squad Leader
Star Trek
Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons & Dragons)
World of Warcraft

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Episode 065: Old Queue and 2010

We finally take care of 2009 business to make way for 2010, already in progress.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Burning Empires
Con on the Cob
Dragon's Age
Faery's Tale Deluxe
Pulp Gamer
Savage Worlds
Serenity RPG
Smiling Jack's Bar & Grill
Southern Arizona Gamers Association
Swords & Wizardry
Weight Watchers


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Episode 064: Horror Gaming with Jess, Ed, and Sean

We were joined by Jess Hartley (, Ed Wetterman (12 to Midnight), and Sean Preston (Reality Blurs) to discuss horror gaming. Happy Halloween!

Show Links:
Beyond the Supernatural

Call of Cthulhu
Savage Worlds
White Wolf (Vampire, Changeling, Hunter)

Jess' Links:
Conventions for the Aspiring Game Professional

One Geek to Another

Ed's Links:
12 to Midnight Halloween Sale

Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas

Sean's Links:
Agents of Oblivion

Realms of Cthulhu

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Episode 063: Hijacked at RinCon 2009

With CaLeigh sick, Ron and Veronica were stuck home for RinCon. But Don Dehm and Derek Rex, of Pulp Gamer Media Network, Paul Tevis, of Have Games, Will Travel, and Ryan Macklin, of Master Plan, decided the show must go on. This is their RinCon report. We would like to thank the four of them for taking the time to be on our show. It's a pleasure having three highly-respected podcasters sit in for us.

Other links:


A Penny For My Thoughts

Paul Tevis' Blog

The Voice of the Revolution

Indie Press Revolution

The Dresden Files RPG

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Episode 062: Using Existing Systems in Your Game with Crafty Games

We were joined by Boyan Radakovich to host Patrick Kapera and Alex Flagg of Crafty Games to discuss Fantasy Craft and choosing a system for your setting. Of course, Bo also plugged RinCon '09, Southern Arizona's premier game convention!

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Episode 061: Old School Gaming with Matthew Finch

We were joined by Matthew Finch of Mythmere Games, publisher of the ENnie Award-Winning Swords & Wizardry. We discussed old school gaming (we're talking 70s to early 80s, vintage D&D): the recent surge in the popularity of the old school style and the OGL-driven retro-clone movement.

Game Links:
Basic Fantasy
Castles & Crusades
Dungeons & Dragons
Labyrinth Lord
A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

Other Link:
12 to Midnight Buried Tales Treasure Hunt

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Episode 060: Rogue Trader with Ross Watson

Don Dehm from the Pulp Gamer Media Network joined us as we interviewed Ross Watson of Fantasy Flight Games about the new Rogue Trader RPG from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

In addition, we made a huge announcement regarding the future of TGTT and the creation of a new podcast!

Other links:

Board Games with Scott
Gen Con
Origins Game Fair
Savage Worlds


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Episode 059: 2009 Savage Worlds Roundtable at Origins

We held the 2nd Annual Savage Worlds Roundtable at the 2009 Origins Game Fair. We were joined by Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Matt Cutter, and Joel Kinstle from Pinnacle Entertainment (Joel's also with Studio 2 Publishing), our gracious host Sean Preston and Stacy Young from Reality Blurs, phenomenal artist and Girl Genius colorist, Cheyenne Wright, Evil Mike and Chaos Steve from the Savage Worlds Explorer's Society, and Heath "Pepster" Medlin, provider of some amazing, custom dice from Chessex, from the PEG forums.

To open the show we've used the latest Savage song performed by Matt Cutter, Games to Run. Like "The Man They Call Shane," the lyrics were written by Clint Black.

Finally, for the real answer to: Joel, how did you get involved with Pinnacle? Click here:

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Episode 058: Origins 2009 Exhibition Hall Walkthrough

We spent our Saturday and Sunday at the Origins Game Fair collecting short interviews on the Exhibition Hall floor with as many creators and manufacturers as we could squeeze in. Get a feel for the show floor of Origins with our 14 conversations.

Twilight Creations
Deadlands/Savage Worlds
North Star Games
Kenzer and Company
Wells Expeditions
Catalyst Game Labs
Monsters in the Sky
IPR Out of the Box
Atomic Overmind
Pelgrane Press
Exile Game Studio
Paradigm Concepts
Shard Studios
Z-Man Games
Hero Games
Margaret Weis Productions
d20 Pro

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Episode 057: RandomCon 2009

We recorded "live" at RandomCon 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. At the con, we managed to wrangle two podcasters, Don Dehm (Pulp Gamer) and Brian Isikoff (2d6 Feet in a Random Direction), into hosting the show with us, along with friends Jen Decker and John Polack. We were also joined by Susan from Laughing Moon Chronicles Eric Torres, creator of the World of Rynaga, and the inimitable John Wick (Wicked Dead Brewing Company).

Aside from discussing the first year con, Brian, Don, and John W. joined me in resolving the winner of what turned out to be an amazing prize in our ENnies 2009 contest. Brian and Don acted for our two finalists in a deadly chase, and Mr. Wick provided their opposition in the form of an Angry Bear!

RPG Links:
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Deadlands/Savage Worlds
Hellfrost/Necropolis 2350
Hollow Earth Expedition
Houses of the Blooded
Ravaged Earth/RunePunk

Board Game Links:
Apples to Apples
Cash'n Guns
Hey! That's My Fish!
Milles Bornes
Monster Mayhem
Stone Age

Other Links:
12 to Midnight/Fabled Environments
Cheyenne Wright
Dwarven Forge
Indie Press Revolution
Origins Awards
RinCon '09
Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA)
Steve Jackson Games

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Episode 056: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies w/ Chad Underkoffler

We were joined by Chad Underkoffler to talk about his new RPG, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. We also discussed his other PDQ games and his work on the Dresden Files RPG.

Chad's Links:
Chad's Blog
Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Evil Hat Games

Other PDQ Publishers:
Aetherial Forge
Atomic Overmind
Silver Branch Games

Other Links:
Penny For My Thoughts
Pyramid Magazine
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG
Unknown Armies

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Episode 055: Reviewing Legends of Steel Savage Worlds Edition

In this episode, we reviewed Legends of Steel Savage Worlds Edition from Evil DM Productions. We also took the time to go over feedback and get in a couple plugs for our friends.

The Lair of the Evil DM
Savage Worlds
Origins Game Fair
ENnie Awards
Savagepedia Contest
Modern Floorplans
Wizards of the Coast
Great Debate (War Pig Radio)
Green Ronin
Day After Ragnarok (Atomic Overmind)
Jaws of the Six Serpents
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Savage Heroes
Shark Bytes

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Episode 054: The Big PDF Controversy

Recently, Wizards of the Coast pulled all PDF sales off the internet. The move sparked a huge debate about the impact of piracy on the game publishing industry. In addition, it re-ignited the debate over the PDF industry's impact on the friendly local game store. Joining us on the issue is DriveThruRPG/RPGNow marketing director, Sean Patrick Fannon.

Subject Links:
Marcus King Article on ICv2
Nicole Lindroos of Green Ronin's Response
WotC CEO Interview on ICv2

Other Links:
Donald Dennis - On Board Games
Hat's Games
Palladium Books
Southern Arizona Gamers Association
Talisman Studios

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Episode 053: April Fool's Day with Clint Black

Clint has taken over the show! Mad with power, he's decided to spill the beans on several upcoming Savage Worlds products, one of which Pinnacle has not previously announced! Listen up to find it if we ever get control of the show again...

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Episode 052: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. with Eloy Lasanta

We were joined by Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games to discuss his new setting, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (API). Eloy was also kind enough to teach us to use API's Dynamic Gaming System (DGS), which we used as an excuse to resolve our contest for a set of TGTT dice. At the end, Eloy announced he'd be giving free PDF copies of API to the two finalists in the contest!

In addition to all this, we discussed API Worldwide: Canada, API's first sourcebook, and we got a sneak preview of what else is coming for the setting and the DGS.

Finally, Eloy asks that you consider a donation to Autism Speaks.

Other Games Mentioned:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG

Other Links:
Ex Libris Nocturnis
Studio 2 Publishing

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Episode 051: Savage Supers Showcase

For five years, Savage Worlds has had one viable ruleset for four-color supers: Necessary Evil. Recently, Daring Entertainment released Dawn of Legends, the Savage version of the Autumn Arbor superhero setting previously only available through M&M Superlink. What's more, DoL includes brand new rules for supers in Savage Worlds. Joined by our friend John Polack, we interviewed Mike Dukes, Daring Entertainment's Vice President: Creative Director, about Dawn of Legends.

In addition to the release of DoL, Pinnacle Entertainment has released Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition, an update of the original Savage Worlds supers ruleset. A new PEG book means it's time for a new edition of Little Black Book with Clint Black, Necessary Evil's principal author.

All this came together to form the Savage Supers Showcase!

Other links:
Dungeons & Dragons
Marvel Superheroes
Studio 2 Publishing

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Episode 050: Deadlands: The Flood w/ Matthew Cutter

In this episode, we talked to Matthew Cutter about Deadlands: The Flood, the first Plot Point book for the Savage Worlds-driven Deadlands: Reloaded. In addition to Deadlands, we talked about Spirits of '86, Matt's own setting, and the rock opera he did 10 years ago. Also we revealed our favorite G.I. Joe action figures.

We covered feedback, made some announcements, and started a new contest, as well. Since we didn't mention it in the show, we'll set the deadline for the contest here. You have till March 15th to enter.

Pulp Gamer
TGTT's Facebook Group
TGTT's Cafe Press store
d6 Generation Podcast with Corey Konieczka

Other Games:
Necessary Evil: Explorers Edition
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Red Box D&D
Call of Cthulhu
Gamma World

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Episode 049: [Special] Romance and Gaming

Do you game with your S.O.? Wouldn't it be nice to? Finding a partner that games is mythical to some. On this show we talk to Sean Patrick Fannon, friend of the show and relatively frequent guest. He found such a partner in Carinn Seabolt. How, you say? Well, what does a gamer do better than go on Quests?

We were joined in our "studio" by frequent guest co-host, Jen Decker. In Alabama, we were joined by Sean and Carinn, along with Carinn's roommate and listener of the show, Ted Uecker.

Aside from discussing the Quest and the results of it, we take some feedback in the form of an email and a techno song. Intrigued? Good.

Sean's Projects
Shaintar: Immortal Legends
The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible
One Book Shelf

The Quest
Original Announcement on Live Journal
The Open Letter
All Games Considered podcast
Wedding Con 2009

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Episode 048: [Review] Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood and Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

Paul Clarke and Jen Decker join us for our first 2009 show. We reviewed Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood, a setting released under the Savage Worlds license, and Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game.

Other Links:
Arkham Horror
Savage Worlds
Shadows Over Camelot

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Episode 047: Reality Blurs Update with Sean Preston

We were joined by Sean Preston of Reality Blurs, who brought with him updates on the Blur's original three settings, RunePunk, Iron Dynasty, and Agents of Oblivion. In addition, we discussed what's new, including Mechagenesis, the soon-to-be-released Ravaged Earth, and the newly-announced Realms of Cthulhu!

We didn't get to talk about it on the show, but Sean recently rolled out a completely redesigned website, which includes a brand new forum. Go sign up for the new forum, here.

Other Links:
Savage Worlds

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Episode 046: Dark Heresy with Ross Watson

We were joined by Fantasy Flight Games' Senior RPG Developer, Ross Watson, to discuss Dark Heresy, the roleplaying game based on the Inquisition from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 intellectual property.

Ross had a lot to say about Dark Heresy, his gaming and designing background, and cheesy, '80s movies.

Who's the master?! Find out in this exciting episode.

Other Games:
Call of Cthulhu
Delta Green
Dungeons & Dragons
Masters of the Universe RPG (FASA) - sorry, couldn't find a link on this one
Hero / Champions
Legends & Lairs
Men In Black RPG
Rifts / TMNT / Robotech
Star Wars (d6)
Street Fighter RPG

Cheesy '80s Movies:
Back to School
The Last Dragon

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Episode 045: Houses of the Blooded w/ John Wick and RinCon '08 Wrap-Up

At RinCon '08, we were joined by Guest of Honor, John Wick. We discussed his new "big" game, Houses of the Blooded, along with many of the games he's designed in the past, such as Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, and, more recently, Wilderness of Mirrors. John also talks about what he's playing now and what he hates about roleplaying games.

Also, we inform folks about the rest of the year's shows and our upcoming, much shorter than last year, hiatus. Of course we give our thoughts on RinCon, itself, as well. Hint: Fun was had by all.

[UPDATE] Wilderness of Mirrors, John Wick's great espionage game, is now available on PDF at Indie Press Revolution. Check it out!

Houses of the Blooded Site
Wicked Dead Brewing Company

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Episode 044: Announcing Hellfrost with Triple Ace Games

We are proud to be part of the announcement of Triple Ace Games' brand new fantasy setting, Hellfrost, an open setting for Savage Worlds. Dave, Rob, and Wiggy, the three big aces of Triple Ace, took the time to discuss the new setting with us in great depth.

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Episode 043: LBB - Slipstream, Traveler's Tales, and Coffin Rock

Clint Black joins us for the first new Little Black Book segment in seven months (to the day). With the long wait, we decided to discuss the three most recent Savage Worlds print releases: Traveler's Tales for Solomon Kane, Coffin Rock for Deadlands, and the long-awaited space pulp plot-point setting, Slipstream. In addition, Clint makes a secret announcement.

After all that was said and done, we resolved who gets this month's TGTT Wild Die!

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Episode 042: A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying with Rob Schwalb

Our 42nd episode!

We talked to Rob Schwalb about the upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying from Green Ronin, based on the fantasy series of the same name by George R. R. Martin. If you're looking to play in the SIF sandbox, or if you're just looking for great rules to run a medieval game, you should definitely check this show out!

And stick around for the end of the show, as we give you another way to win a TGTT Wild Die. Don't forget to bring your towel!

Other Links:
Dungeons & Dragons
Hidden Kingdom
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

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Episode 041: Halt Evil Doer! with Charles Phipps

We interviewed Charles Phipps, creator of Halt Evil Doer!, a M&M Superlink setting published by Arbor Productions. Charles also announces two new upcoming settings: Winterweir, a dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds and the Pathfinder RPG, and Streets of Frenzy, a modern martial arts/crime drama setting for Savage Worlds.

In addition to all of the above, we gave away the first TGTT Wild Die on this show. Congratulations to the winner!

Other Games Mentioned:
Dungeons & Dragons
D6 Star Wars
World of Darkness

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Episode 040: Robin Elliot of Triple Ace Games and Say Anything

This show brings our interview of Rob Elliot, Production Director of Triple Ace Games, one of the newest Savage Worlds Licensees. We discussed what they've done and where they're going. If you want information about Daring Tales, Necropolis 2350, or Sundered Skies, this is the place to listen.

Before the interview, we review Say Anything, a new party game from North Star Games, the makers of the award-winning Wits & Wagers. Here's a hint: we liked it!

Finally, we hold the first contest of the year, with a chance to win one of the new TGTT Wild Dice!

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Episode 039: Desolation RPG with Greymalkin Designs

We interviewed Jamie Gooch, Stephen Herron, and Matt Somers, of Greymalkin Designs, about their new post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, Desolation. Desolation uses Ubiquity, the roleplaying system behind Exile Games' Hollow Earth Expedition, and employs a brand new free-form magic system.

Other Links
The Nearside Project
World of Darkness
Dungeons & Dragons

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Episode 038: Lee Szczepanik of Arbor Productions

We interviewed Lee Szczepanik, publisher at Arbor Productions. We talked at great length about the Neo Earth setting (on which the original Autumn Arbor campaign setting book is written), and the upcoming products to be released through the recently-updated Savage Worlds licensee program and the M&M Superlink program for Mutants & Masterminds. Also discussed were the fiction series about Autumn Arbor and the state of the industry, in general.

Other Links
Mutants & Masterminds
Savage Worlds
Shark Bytes - The Savage Worlds Fanzine

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Episode 037: [Origins] Kenneth Hite Interview and Last Night on Earth

In another Origins show, we review the survival horror board game, Last Night on Earth from Flying Frog Productions. We also had a chance to interview Kenneth Hite. We had a blast doing this show.

One to ponder... Is it a sign that the world may indeed be ending when Ken Hite's and Andy Hopp's Where the Deep Ones Are is available for pre-order on the Target website?!

Flying Frog Productions' Links
Company Site
Last Night on Earth Board Game Geek Page
A Touch of Evil Board Game Geek Page

Kenneth's Links
Adventures in the Darkness (for Mutants & Masterminds and Truth & Justice)
Grim War (for Wild Talents)
In Nomine
Shadows Over Filmland (for Trail of Cthulhu)
Suppressed Transmissions
Trail of Cthulhu
Where the Deep Ones Are

Other Games Mentioned
Burning Empires
Burning Wheel
Call of Cthulhu
Dogs In the Vineyard
D&D 4E
Grey Ranks
Hero System
The Mountain Witch
Mutants & Masterminds
My Life With Master
Truth & Justice
Wild Talents

Other Sites Mentioned
The Forge
On Board Games
Indie Press Revolution
Story Games

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Episode 036: [Origins] 2008 Savage Worlds Roundtable

So it's finally here. The show opens with Matt's performance of a new song, lyrics by Clint Black, based on a fan-favorite Joss Whedon song! Then we were treated to discussion about Savage Worlds with Shane Hensley, Clint & Jodi Black, Sean Preston, Sean Patrick Fannon, Matthew Cutter, and a cast of Savages. Thanks to all involved!

Official Savage Worlds and Licensee Links (from those present)
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Reality Blurs
Talisman Studios

Other Links

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Episode 035: Origins Game Fair 2008 Wrap-Up

In this show we talk about our first experience at the Origins Game Fair and play two segments recorded at the show. 1) We interviewed Anthony Gallela, Executive Director of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA): the organization behind Origins, and 2) Jeff Combos of Exile Game Studio took the third seat to discuss the Origins Awards and to let us know what was coming for his game, Hollow Earth Expedition, and the Ubiquity System, in general.

Below are links to the Origins Awards winners. For a full list of nominees, check the Academy of Adventure Gaming, Arts & Design site.

Minatures Rules of the Year
Classic Battletech

Minature or Miniatures Line of the Year
Titanius Fury

Collectible Card Game of the Year
Legend of the Five Rings

Historical Miniatures Game of the Year
"Check Your 6!"

Historical Miniatures Line of the Year
Romano-British 15mm

Historical Board Game of the Year
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery

Non-Fiction Publication of the Year
Hobby Games: The 100 Best

Fiction Publication of the Year
Astounding Hero Tales

Game Accessory of the Year
Call of Cthulhu Dice Set

Roleplaying Game Supplement of the Year
Codex Arcanis

Roleplaying Game of the Year
Aces & Eights

Traditional Card Game of the Year
Zombie Fluxx

Board Game or Expansion of the Year
Starcraft: The Board Game

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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Episode 034: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Discussion

We were joined by our friend and local d20 expert, Andrew Harvey, to discuss our thoughts and opinions of the new D&D. And yes, we do alternately call him Andrew and Harvey. It's a long story.

Also check out:
Southern Arizona Gamers Association
RinCon Games

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Episode 033: Online Tabletop Gaming with Kevin Melka

We were joined by Kevin Melka of Digital Adventures, a publisher for the popular online tabletop roleplaying software, Fantasy Grounds II. We discussed playing pen and paper RPGs online, as well as using tools like FGII at the game table. Also, Kevin reveals future plans for Digital Adventures, as it pertains to Savage Worlds Online and future rulesets coming out soon.

Games Discussed
Arcana Evolved
Call of Cthulhu
Castles & Crusades
Iron Heroes
Rolemaster Classic
Savage Worlds

Direct download: tgtt033.mp3
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Episode 032: Freeport and Systemless Settings with Chris Pramas

We were joined by Green Ronin Publishing President (and former punk rocker) Chris Pramas to discuss the Freeport setting and the concept of systemless settings, in general. Of course, Chris takes the time to give a preview of upcoming products from Green Ronin, such as the new A Song of Ice and Fire RPG.

Other Green Ronin games discussed:
Mutants & Masterminds
Ork! the Roleplaying Game
Torches & Pitchforks
Walk the Plank

Non-Green Ronin games mentioned:
Castles & Crusades
Descent: Journeys in the Dark
Dungeons & Dragons
Feng Shui
Savage Worlds

Direct download: tgtt032.mp3
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We are joined by our friends Lindsey Ehman and Matt Cancio to discuss gaming with your significant other. Veronica reveals what makes a board game playable for her - this will turn into a regular feature.

We announce the winner of the Modern Art Blank Player Screen Design Contest that took place on Board Game Geek.

Board Games Mentioned
The Gipf Project
Lost Cities
Modern Art
Starcraft: The Boardgame
Twilight Imperium
Winds of Plunder

RPGs Mentioned
Dungeons & Dragons
Fading Suns
Mortal Coil
Savage Worlds
Trail of Cthulhu

Direct download: tgtt031.mp3
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Episode 030: Dave Blewer Interview

We interview Dave Blewer about his new Savage Worlds plot point setting, Sundered Skies, due out in May. We had some internet-based problems with sound that were fixed to the best of our ability. Please excuse the issue. If any clarification is needed, stop by the Pinnacle forums.

Show Links:
Savage Worlds
Triple Ace Games' Sundered Skies site
PEG Forums

Direct download: tgtt030.mp3
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After a hiatus in excess of three months, we're back.

Our friend Jen Decker joins us for this RPG extravaganza! We discuss Jared Sorensen's InSpectres (published by Memento Mori Theatricks), Robin Laws' The Esoterrorists (published by Pelgrane Press), and our own homebrew post-apocalyptic Savage Worlds campaign.

Speaking of Savage Worlds, Clint Black joins us for another installment of Little Black Book, wherein we discuss The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

A long episode, but it's been a long time coming. And believe it or not, we left stuff out!

Links of the Games We Discussed:
The Esoterrorists
Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition
The Savage World of Solomon Kane

Other Links:

Pelgrane Press - home of the Gumshoe System and the Dying Earth RPG
Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering

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Cover of Shaintar We interview Sean Patrick Fannon about the recent release of the full Plot-Point version of Shaintar: Immortal Legends for Savage Worlds. A good time was had by all.

We give away a full library of Fabled Environments' Modern Floorplans, courtesy of Charles White and 12 to Midnight, to the winner of our most recent duel.

Speaking of 12 to Midnight, Ed Wetterman calls in to urge TGTT listeners to take part in the Midnight Charity Project.

SPF's Links:
Talisman Studios
Project '77

Other Links:
Midnight Charity Project

Direct download: tgtt028.mp3
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We interview Green Ronin's Steve Kenson. Among other things, we discuss Mutants & Masterminds, True20, and what Steve is playing.

Steve's Links:
Green Ronin
Mutants & Masterminds

Other Links:
Con on the Cob

Other Games Mentioned:
Spirit of the Century
Low Life
Autumn Arbor
Zorcerer of Zo
Savage Worlds

Direct download: tgtt027.mp3
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This is the second part of the interview with 12 to Midnight's Charles White. We managed to go off on a completely different subject. Also, we have Little Black Book. Clint discusses and demonstrates the new Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition chase rules with us. We finally have a winner for Cheyenne Wright's original artwork for the Savage Worlds Action Deck black joker (see the image below). And we start a new contest.

Charles White links
12 to Midnight
Fabled Environments
Worldforge Magazine

Little Black Book links
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition

Cheyenne Wright's Prize

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Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams is the Creative Director for Pinnacle Entertainment Group (PEG). Considering the size of the fan-favorite publisher, this means he has hands in pretty much all things Savage Worlds.

While Wiggy is typically locked in a dungeon, chained to a computer with no phone (he doesn't even have Minesweeper on the computer), he did take the time to respond to some questions over e-mail. Here are the fruits of our necessarily covert labor.

1. How did you get into RPGs?

That was back in 1982. The Fighting Fantasy book “Warlock of Firetop Mountain? had just been released. My friend Jaffa had bought a copy and got caught reading it in math class by the teacher, Mrs. Lupton. She was a DM and asked if he wanted to try AD&D (1st Edition). He said yes and asked me if I was interested. I was a keen reader of fantasy and sci-fi back then, so I agreed. That was it—hooked for life on the RPG drug!!

2. Tell us how you got into RPG design?

I played AD&D for about 3 months before I jumped sides and became a DM. Something about being able to design worlds rather than react to them was very appealing. I tried my hand at a few homebrew RPGs, but they all sucked. By 1996 I was a big Ars Magica fan and came up with an idea for runic magic. On a whim I sent Atlas Games a few pages of ideas and they came back with a contract for an entire book. That set the ball rolling and I haven’t stopped writing since.

3. It seems like everyone at Pinnacle Entertainment Group knew each other before Savage Worlds. What led you to PEG?

Savage Worlds is the obvious answer, but really it was Weird Wars. I don’t know why but WW2 and horror have always been favorites. My dad read a lot of WW2 books, so I guess that part comes from him. Problem was, d20 was great for a small squad but died a rapid death when you had 20 allies and 30+ Germans. In its defense, it was never written for that level of play.

I was also working on Necropolis again, using d20 rules. When SW came out I immediately saw the advantages and wrote Necropolis properly. Then I got wind of the Rippers RPG. We’d just watched the Van Helsing movie, which both the wife and I loved. So I offered Shane my services and he let me write three adventures. Then came the Slipstream contract and shortly after that a meeting with Shane at Gen Con UK 2004. A few weeks later I was on the payroll.

I had met Simon and Rob Elliot before, though. They came to WigCon (a small con I used to run back in the day) and demoed a CCG they’d invented. That must have been about 1999 or 2000.

4. As of this writing, what is your word count with PEG?

No idea, I’m afraid. About 18 months ago it was over a million. I’d have to guess at well over 2 million now due to some large projects, like Kane and Pirates, plus a few other big books for future release. Not everything will necessarily see print, though, which makes it hard to give an accurate figure.

5. Where did you get the idea for Necropolis?

Now that’s a question I can’t really answer with 100% accuracy. I know the idea first appeared around 1991-2. Two brothers and I had designed a few rubbish games, but then we saw Aliens and, I think, Warhammer 40K was just being released. Somehow we got the idea of marines (more like Aliens than WH40K) against undead. Back then there were a small number of worlds, not just one. That idea died a natural death, but 10 years later I went back to it and added the themes you see in the book today.

I guess I went for the holy orders in the final version because of my interest in the Medieval holy knights. Part monk, part warrior, and semi-autonomous—that balance between holy vows and killing is an interesting one.

6. We’d heard somewhere that your pitch for Necropolis to Shane was rather interesting. Can you tell us about that?

I don’t know whether I’d call it interesting. I sent him the entire draft back in 2002. It lacked a Plot Point back then, though. 50 Fathoms wasn’t out and I didn’t have Evernight, but it was around 96 pages. So I hear nothing (which is unsurprising given it was unsolicited). A few months later I contacted Shane again asking a specific question about the setting and he didn’t know what I was on about or who I was. You have to remember back then PEG was Shane and Zeke working part-time. I guess the file just got lost and I should have sent my writing resume with the file.

It was only after I’d written the Rippers adventures that I brought the subject up again. This time I got the nod to finish it properly.

7. What, if any, TV shows or movies do you recommend to get players into the feel for Necropolis?

Aliens is a must. I’d also recommend Chronicles of Riddick. Strangely, what I’d really recommend is Gears of War. Although it came out after Necropolis was finished, the architecture is just what I was after—Gothic yet futuristic. I hear Hellgate London (I think that’s the title) might be a good fit, but I’ve never played the game.

8. What is your favorite Savage Setting, to date?

Difficult one, that. Rippers is probably my top favorite, because my wife loves the setting as well. Necropolis (because it’s 100% mine) and Pirates (because it’s a cool genre) come close behind. When Weird War 2 comes out it’ll jump into that pile somewhere, for sure.

9. What upcoming Savage Worlds project (that you can admit exists), that you have written, are you most anticipating?

There’s a future Weird Wars project, the existence of which Simon leaked by mistake, which I think the fans will enjoy. The Plot Point spans around 400 years of game play, with ancestral tables to let you play the same family (assuming you survive the previous campaign era). At the moment there are thirteen historical periods you can play in. You can pick a single era and really go to town, run all 13 as an extended campaign, or mix and match your favorite eras, leaving those you don’t like out altogether.

I’ve managed to tie in a backstory to real history, so I hope the fans appreciate it. It’s in very early internal playtesting and proofreading at the moment and isn’t scheduled for release until 2009.

There is another project I’m waiting to see released, but that’s still a closely guarded secret known only to a few PEG insiders right now.

As a freebie, I will mention I’m thinking very hard about expanding Necropolis. Necropolis sort of caught us off guard in that it has sold well and received generally good feedback. The Companion gives fans new options for the game, such as performing more investigative missions for the Church, but I want to go further and advance the timeline beyond 2355, which is where the Companion stops.

10. What about a project you haven’t written?

Weird Wars: World War 2 is top of the list. It was WW d20 which got me interested in PEG (I had played Deadlands a few times, but never bought into the line), so this book, although written by Mike Montesa (great job, Mike!), is really important to me. I’ll be senior line editor for that one.

11. If you could write anything, what would it be?

Well, I have written the one thing I’d always wanted to write. Actually that’s a small lie. I’m 656 pages into it with a few more hundred pages to go. However, with regard to dreams rather than reality, I’d love to Savage “Living Steel,? one of my favorite settings ever. The next thing I want to write is “Necropolis II.?

12. The toolkits have all been awesome. Will there be any more coming?

Maybe, maybe not. We’d written all the Toolkits we planned at the beginning, so anything else we produce is a bonus. I know some fans want post-apocalypse, but they’ll have HOE. Some want to see a set of PEG-written martial arts, but they’ll be better in a setting book.

So, the Post-Apocalypse TK has been suspended for now because Teller is working on HOE. I sent him the file in case there was anything he wanted to use. The Combat Options TK is in a similar state, because a lot of the martial art stuff I’m using elsewhere.

It may be that we release smaller TKs, possibly even just a few pages as free products, but right now we’re working harder on getting print books out to the fans.

13. Is there any ETA for printed toolkits or updated PDFs to line things up with SW:EX?

Not yet. I suspect we’ll take a look at those in a year or so. We want to make some major changes so fans who invested in the PDFs don’t feel they were cheated. By changing the examples and expanding certain sections we’re going to create a whole new book, really. Also we want new art and layouts for each one and we have to re-lay them out to fit whatever size book we go for.

14. What is the toughest thing you’ve written?

Any Plot Point ranks very highly (laughs). Of all the books, I’d say it has to be Kane. Kane wasn’t my character, so I had certain constraints. I also wanted to try and emulate Howard’s style, more for continuity and recognition of the character than anything else, which wasn’t easy. Then you get all the history and deciding what to add in and what to leave out for space reasons.

15. What is your favorite style of game to GM?

Another tricky one. I’d like to just say “action? but that’s too vague. I like the pulp style of gaming, where you concentrate on the plot and the action and ignore boring details like fuel consumption in a stolen Nazi truck. Everyone knows it runs out of fuel when the plot says it does, even if the tank was full just 20 miles ago. But I also love the suspense of horror, so you get action-horror like Weird Wars and Rippers.

I get the best answer is, so long as the players and I can ignore the details and get on with the cool story, I’m easy. The only thing I really detest is players who quibble over trivial details instead of trying to enjoy the game.

16. If Savage Worlds didn’t exist, what would be your favorite RPG?

Heroquest (formerly Hero Wars) by, Issaries, most likely. I love the whole character generation thing and how it’s a story driven game. HQ, to me, is about becoming somebody. That may be a tribal elder or a warband commander, or perhaps just the best farmer in your tribe. It’s also Glorantha-based, so that earns bonus points.

However, ask me in March 2008 and it may well be Dark Heresy, the forthcoming Warhammer 40K RPG. I’m really looking forward to that.

17. What are you playing now?

I’m playing Weird Wars: Weird War 2 with one group and playing D&D 3.5 with another. I’m hoping to GM Rippers soon for the wife. My Weird Wars GM is painting all my minis, so having the added color will be rather cool.

18. Who is the best GM at PEG, and why?

Well, my answer is biased by circumstance. I’ve met Shane exactly once, and that was back in 2004. I’ve met Simon a few times, but we usually have to talk work rather than play games. So, by default of him being the only PEG GM I’ve played under, it’s Dave Blewer.

I know others run a mean game, but that’s just rumor to me up here in the frozen north. Maybe one day I’ll get chance to meet guys like Joe, Clint, Mike, and Steve, and I can give you an answer with a few more candidates than Dave (who is a great GM).

19. Can you tell us about a setting you’d love to make but will never sell?

As a company? No idea about that. I suspect most of us have homebrew settings we’ll never push forward. Personally, not sure. Thing is, I don’t write for PEG, in the sense of, “What does Shane or Simon think of this?? I write stuff I hope the fans will enjoy reading and playing. If I ever wrote a setting just for me I’d feel a bit guilty at keeping it to myself.

Heck, for all I know, Shane or Simon may read some of the for-the-future stuff I’ve written and decide it sucks. It would then fall under a setting I loved making but we’d never sell.

20. Tell us something about yourself that none of your fans would be likely to know.

I have an HNC (that’s sort of equivalent to a low-ranking degree in America, if I recall correctly) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, but I’ve never been to university (which I guess is college to you guys).

Thanks for taking the time for this interview!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to contact me. Always a pleasure to help sell Savage Worlds and support THE GAME’S THE THING!

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We're finally back with Charles White wherein he discusses his work at Fabled Environments, the maker of Modern Floorplans for 12 to Midnight. Clint Black is back with the Little Black Book. The segment has a brand new "professional" intro and we discuss the fan-requested Rippers. Also, we play the promo that Veronica worked on for the Carpe GM podcast.

Charles White's links:
12 to Midnight

Modern Floorplans

Rippers links:
Pinnacle Entertainment Group


Promo link:
Carpe GM - Seize the Game

Direct download: tgtt025.mp3
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In this special episode, we get a chance to talk with Jeff Combos and Melissa McNally of Exile Game Studio about their multi-award-nominated RPG Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX).

Show links:
Exile Game Studio
Greymalkin Designs - creators of the upcoming Desolation RPG, using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System found in HEX.

Direct download: tgtt024.mp3
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Veronica and I have an interview with Cheyenne Wright in this episode. In addition Clint Black is back in our regular segment The Little Black Book. This time we discuss Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition. We check in with Pinnacle's own Minister of Information, Joe Unger.

And Veronica tries to talk like a pirate...

Cheyenne's links:
Arcane Times - The Art of Cheyenne Wright
Cheyenne's Savage Sheets
Cheyenne's Gallery
Girl Genius

Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition links:
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
SW:EX Press Release

Direct download: tgtt023.mp3
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We are finally back! We check in with Joe Unger at Pinnacle Entertainment to get the scoop on all the latest Savage Worlds happenings. We have the first of a new regular segment called "The Little Black Book" with Pinnacle's own Clint Black. And we at last resolve the contest that was started long ago to win an autographed copy of Low Life from Andy Hopp. It includes a special picture drawn inside by Andy himself!

Direct download: tgtt022.mp3
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Veronica and I talked to Rob Donoghue and Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions. We discussed their past and present gaming lives and their many projects, including FATE, Spirit of the Century, and Fred's Don't Rest Your Head. Of course talking to Fred and Rob would not be complete without discussing the upcoming Dresden Files RPG based on the hit urban fantasy book series by Jim Butcher.

This podcast was recorded in March. It's being released now to give our listeners something to do during our April hiatus.


Show links:
Evil Hat Productions ( Click here to find out about Don't Rest Your Head, FATE, Spirit of the Century, and the Dresden Files RPG. ( The official home of FATE.

The Butcher Block ( Fred's podcast about all things Jim Butcher.

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One week late, Veronica and I have our usual check with Joe Unger, find out who won the amazing 12 to Midnight prize, interview Andy Hopp of Low Life fame, and find out about the new Savage Worlds podcast from Chris Engler. Of course we start a new contest...

Show Links:
Andy's website
Mutha Oith Creations
The Wanderer's Guild
Con on the Cob
Chris Engler's Carpe GM

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Kainan returned along with Jack as we reviewed Reiner Knizia's Tile-Laying Trilogy: Tigris & Euphrates, Through the Desert, and Samurai.

As you'll hear in the show, this episode is dedicated to the memory of my friend, William "Bildor" Kruse. Rest in peace, bro.

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I had Boyan Radakovich of Shifting Skies Games on the show to talk about his game, High School Drama! After that, Bo and I were joined by Cap'n John Morgan and Jonathan Bodey of Ship of Fools Games. We discussed some of the processes and pitfalls of self-publishing. A good time was had by all.

Direct download: tgtt018.mp3
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This month, Veronica and I interviewed Ed Wetterman of 12 to Midnight. We discussed Ed's gaming past, as well as the history and future of 12 to Midnight. Ed talks about his many projects including Innana's Kiss, Green's Guide to Ghosts, and the much-anticipated 12 Hours to Midnight. On top of all this, Ed has put up the biggest prize yet for the next contest!

We also have our regular check-in with Pinnacle's marketing guru, Joe Unger, who tells us about The Savage Worlds Explorers Society and the new print products hitting your FLGS beginning in early may. There's also big news about a very special product that is coming back for a limited time.

What is Last Rites of the Small Chicken? Tune in to find out!

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I was invited to Hat's Games in Tucson, AZ for the launch of a new, locally-produced card game called Treasure Fleet. While there, I talked to the creators at Ship of Fools Games and covered a tournament celebrating the release of the game.

Thanks to John and Jonathan at Ship of Fools Games for the invite and to Dave at Hat's Games for hosting!


EDIT: Capn John Morgan has graciously made a special discount to The Game's the Thing listeners. Through the end of February, you can buy Treasure Fleet from the Ship of Fools Games Store for only $15.95 with free shipping! Here's how Capn John says to make the purchase:

The code is: TGTT

To enter the code:
1. Go to the SOFG store (
2. Click on the big "Treasure  Fleet" logo in the middle or the "Treasure  Fleet" item on the left side.
3. Set the quantity to the desired level and click the "Add to Cart" button.
4. Click the "View Cart" button or the cart icon on the top-right side of the page.
5. Enter the offer code (TGTT) in the space provided and click the "Apply Offer Code" button.
6. If the correct code was entered the price should change and the offer code input should no longer be displayed.
7. Click the "Check Out Now" button to proceed to the check out screens.

Direct download: tgtt_se_tflp.mp3
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Ron welcomes Jack to the show as they take some feedback, review Gheos and Midgard, and talk about what they're playing recently.

Chris Engler's Arkham Horror Quick Reference Sheet
Ron's BGG review of Midgard

Direct download: tgtt_bg_2007-01.mp3
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So after what turned out to be over a month-long hiatus, it's time for another Savage Worlds show!

This month Veronica and I interview Clint Black, the Pinnacle forum moderator and rules guru (of DOOM!). He talks about his interesting past (what with the shooting and the snake eating), Necessary Evil, and how he came to be such a key part of the Savage Worlds "thing." Clint also reveals a big secret about an upcoming Savage Worlds product.

In addition to this, we have our monthly check-in with Joe Unger and give away the hardcover autographed copy of Runepunk (courtesy of Sean Preston at Reality Blurs) in a duel to the blood (only with dice and cards).

All this, and we begin the next contest for another awesome prize!


Direct download: tgtt_sw_2007-01.mp3
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In this show, Veronica and I interview Sean Preston of Reality Blurs. As usual, we check in with Joe Unger who talks a bit about future Pinnacle releases. Also, we reveal the winner of the first Savage Worlds contest. Listen in for details on how to enter the next contest and what you can win!

Thanks to Pinnacle for allowing us to use a portion of the original Deadlands cd to lead into our duel!

Savage Worlds links:
Pinnacle's Website
The PEG forum
Savage Heroes
Harrowed Halls Forums (Convention Support)

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This show has our first roleplaying roundtable review. Veronica and I lead a discussion about Mythic Game Master Emulator.

In addition, we interview Brennan Taylor of Indie Press Revolution (IPR) and Galileo Games. Brennan discusses IPR and his game Mortal Coil. He also gives us the scoop on his new upcoming game.

Mythic G.M.E links:
Home Site -
Purchase @ RPG Now -

Brennan Taylor Links:
Brennan's blog -
Galileo Games -
Indie Press Revolution -


Direct download: tgtt_rpg_2006-12.mp3
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Our first Savage Worlds podcast! Ron and Veronica interview Shaintar creator, Sean Patrick Fannon. Sean discusses his high fantasy Savage Worlds setting as well as the Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible, Talisman StudiosCon on the Cob, and Project '77. We also discuss his origins as a gamer and designer.

We check in with Joe Unger from Pinnacle, to get the skinny on what's upcoming for Savage Worlds. In addition, we begin our Savage Worlds contest series. Listen in for details! It's not mentioned in the show, but the deadline for entry is December 9, 2006 at 11:59 pm Mountain time.

This episode is long. For those people who like to place these shows on CD, we recommend downloading the freeware program Mp3 Splitter, which can be used to split an Mp3 file into multiple parts.

Direct download: tgtt_sw_2006-11.mp3
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Kainan and I discuss the new Ticket to Ride 1910 expansion. We also give an overview of Arkham Horrror and play a roundtable we had with Adam and Jamie comparing Shadows Over Camelot to Arkham Horror.

Direct download: tgtt_2x05.mp3
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Ron and Veronica are joined by friend and old gamer buddy Jen Decker, along with Veronica's sister Cat Dickerson to discuss female roleplayers. Sound quality is kind of off for this show, due to some technical difficulties, but it is worth the listen!

Direct download: tgtt_2x04.mp3
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So, this is why we say "on or about Friday."

In this episode, Kainan and I gush about Days of Wonder, and we review Memoir '44, Spy Alley, and Shadows Over Camelot.

As mentioned in the show, you can check out info about Essen 2006 and boardgames in general from Boardgame News, Gaming Report, and Boardgame Geek. And go to Fantasy Flight Games to see info on Marvel Heroes.
Join us on or about November 3rd for a roleplaying show about female gamers.

Direct download: tgtt_2x03.mp3
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Our first all-roleplaying show went well as I introduce my wife, Veronica, to the show. We interviewed Shane Lacy Hensley, creator of Savage Worlds and, of course, Deadlands! Shane spills the beans about a neat upcoming product in Great White Games' future and dishes about his history in gaming and developing RPGs. Shane also gives details about the upcoming "The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane" and discusses how GWG's licenses with Wiz Kids Games came about. Listen in to learn three things about Shane you probably never knew!

Visit Shane's company, Great White Games/Pinnacle Entertainment Group, to learn about all the neat products discussed.

Direct download: tgtt_2x02.mp3
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So, we're officially back! We manage to complete undercut our 45-80 minute goal and produce a show that's just over 28 minutes. That said, we have four reviews for you! Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Ron let the cat out of the bag about our first RPG show interview.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Wits and Wagers

As promised, a positive Blue Moon City review.

Direct download: tgtt_2x01.mp3
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You might think this show is a day late, but in fact we've always intended to have it come out on Mondays. That means this is the first show that is right on time! Over the last few shows, you may have noticed an annoying intermittent hum. We didn't want to bring this up on the show, so as not to draw attention to it. Well, the hum is gone. It seems having the mic on the same table as the laptop was causing the issue whenever the laptop's fan came on. The quick fix was to put the laptop on a different table.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Elfenland (reviewed)
Dvonn (reviewed) - This was Games Magazine's 2003 Game of the Year. It was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres in '02, but it didn't win.
Ticket to Ride
Blue Moon City

Direct download: tgtt_005.mp3
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After an involuntary hiatus, Ron and Kainan are back with a streamlined format.

In this show we review Thurn and Taxis, and we continue our multi-part series on the Gipf Project with Zertz. Also, we play our first audio feedback from Board Games to Go's Mark Johnson!

Games discussed/reviewed:
Thurn and Taxis

Other podcasts:
Board Games to Go

Direct download: tgtt_004.mp3
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Kainan's back. In this episode we brought some closure to pluralizations, gave ourselves license to make new words, and discussed some games. We continued the Gipf Project series with Tamsk. Our Savage Worlds feature became a multi-parter, so this is the first of an undisclosed number of parts in that RPG. Also, we reviewed Aquarius.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Savage Worlds

Other podcasts:
The Dice Tower
Boardgames with Scott

Other items of note:

Direct download: tgtt_003.mp3
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In this episode Kainan isn't here, but Ron is joined by Paul Clarke and Jack Saunders. We discuss the Cleopatra trade variant Ron came up with, and the results for that. We begin the multi-part series covering the Gipf Project. We also review Dead Man's Treasure and Power Grid.

Ron made two (known) mistakes during the podcast in the Power Grid sequence. There is no plutonium in the game. The proper resource is uranium. Also, the top connection cost is actually 28.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
The Gipf Project
Dead Man's Treasure
Power Grid
Shadows Over Camelot
Gurps Infinite World

Other podcasts:
Have Games Will Travel
Pulp Gamer
Board Games With Scott

Other items of note:
The 32nd Annual Origins Awards results
The plural of "sphinx"

Direct download: tgtt_002.mp3
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So the first show is up and ready for listening! It's really obvious both Kainan and I were nervous, what with the ums, uhs, and some of  the noncommital or slightly disjointed discussion bits, but I expect this to improve as we get used to the process. Before anyone points this out first, I'd like to bring your attention to me saying "talk to the games about my customers." While this is something I've likely done in frustration before, in this context I meant "talk to my customers about the games."

This show features an introduction to Kainan and me, a discussion about the state of the gaming hobby and what we can do to perhaps improve or "grow" it, and reviews and comments about Pirate's Cove, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, and Double or Nothing.

As this wasn't ready at the time of the recording we didn't mention it, but it is worth noting that audio comments can now also be voicemailed via regular phone to 520-777-9488. The corrected details on feedback are in the righthand column of this page.


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