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One week late, Veronica and I have our usual check with Joe Unger, find out who won the amazing 12 to Midnight prize, interview Andy Hopp of Low Life fame, and find out about the new Savage Worlds podcast from Chris Engler. Of course we start a new contest...

Show Links:
Andy's website
Mutha Oith Creations
The Wanderer's Guild
Con on the Cob
Chris Engler's Carpe GM

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Category:TGTT Classic -- posted at: 7:01pm MDT

  • Totally awesome!!! I didn’t figure I’d even make it to the duel. I so wanted this prize. Those guys have done some really cool stuff and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into all of it! All I gotta say is that was some great, deadly but great shootin. \\\"Zack, pardner, if\\\'in ya hadn\\\'ta twitched I wouldn\\\'ta been forced to put ya in tha ground.\\\" Thanks again, Stacy

    posted by: Stacy on 2007-03-26 15:42:00

  • Ok, for some reason it dropping the following from my first post: (Dancing and doing cartwheels, or as close as I can get for a white guy, yep you were correct I’m a guy, in his extremely late 30’s)

    posted by: Stacy on 2007-03-26 15:45:00

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