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Episode 034: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Discussion

We were joined by our friend and local d20 expert, Andrew Harvey, to discuss our thoughts and opinions of the new D&D. And yes, we do alternately call him Andrew and Harvey. It's a long story.

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Category:TGTT Classic -- posted at: 10:48pm MDT

  • I stand corrected on the potions. While I haven\\\'t read Races of the Dragon, I was told they weren\\\'t the same thing, at least culturally (that book came out after I ran screaming from the 3rd edition). I think Harvey mentioned Warlocks weren\\\'t new, as well. Keep the feedback coming folks!

    posted by: Ron on 2008-06-23 11:54:00

  • Lots of comparisons have been made for 4th edition, but none feel right. There\\\'s none of the grind, drop rates, waiting for respawn, and endless fetch quests actually in the 4e system that defines the MMO experience. There\\\'s also no random card drawing, metagame playing and unconnected battles that define the CCG experience to me. Instead, it feels a lot like the so called SRPG. videogames like Ogre Tactics, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and Jean d\\\'Arc where there is a story connecting turn based, tactical battles on a grid. (Which, incidentally, are quite good. There\\\'s a big story element like other videogame RPG\\\'s but an actually intricate battle system rather then the endless left-click or press x. There are some SRPG\\\'s where the battle affects the story; characters who battle together develop a relationship which determines the type of characters the player gets once the game moves the story onto the next generation. For instance.)

    posted by: Chtulie on 2008-07-01 15:46:00

  • Playing in a 4E campaign on Thursday nights (we had our fifth session last week) and we are all enjoying the HELL out of it! Note, I am 39 and I have been playing D&D since 1978 (the blue box with the red dragon, wizard and knight gracing its cover). I think WotC has created something really special with 4E and they should be very proud. 3.5 was a crunchy disaster that got way too big for its own good and the resulting pull-back of rules and ideas in 4E is most impressive. Be aware that my favorite system is \\\'Savage Worlds\\\' (particular \\\'Deadlands: Reloaded\\\'), and I think I\\\'m enjoying 4E for many of the same reasons I adore SW! Anyway, looking forward to the next Origins episode, guys!

    posted by: Scott on 2008-07-12 23:22:00

  • 1) Veronica believes that the rules are more intricate. I believe they\\\'re more consistent and less crunchy. 2)I don\\\'t understand the question. Can you elaborate?

    posted by: Ron on 2008-06-22 21:30:00

  • I guess he\\\'s refering to the updates on the mailing list (for people with an rss alergy ;) ) Three details I noticed in the discussion: - Dragonborn aren\\\'t that new. They were playable races already in \\\"Races of the Dragon\\\" - The Warlock was introduced in \\\"Complete Arcane\\\" - Healing potions use a healing surge to restore a fixed amount (based on the level of potion), so if you\\\'re out of healing surges potions do nothing for you Great to hear that you liked 4e. This system caused a pretty hard paradigm shift in the way I am viewing D&D (and I still have to \\\"finish\\\" the War of the Burning Sky campaign with 3.5)

    posted by: Selganor on 2008-06-23 03:58:00

  • Sorry, Veronica, but I\\\'m totally disagreeing with you on this one. Having played every edition of D&D I feel that 4e is not only the lightest on rules, but also produces the quickest combats and reads the least technical. The books aren\\\'t perfect, I agree with Ron on the index, but they do read much clearer and leave almost nothing to interpretation. Everything is spelled out nicely. Great show though. Keep it up, guys.

    posted by: Talison on 2008-06-23 11:32:00

  • Hello, Ron & Veronica. I\\\'m a gamer from Brazil and I just heard your podcast and boy, it was cool! You guys are awesome, real players. I loved your show and just wanted to ask you a couple of questions: 1)What did Veronica mean by \\\"crunchness\\\"? That the games\\\' rules are more intricate than in 3.5? 2)What\\\'s the frequency of the updates? I couldn\\\'t find it anywhere: one update per week? Five times a month? Everyday? =) I\\\'ll be waiting for the next show. Até logo. \\\\o

    posted by: Caio Marinho on 2008-06-22 21:10:00

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