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Episode 037: [Origins] Kenneth Hite Interview and Last Night on Earth

In another Origins show, we review the survival horror board game, Last Night on Earth from Flying Frog Productions. We also had a chance to interview Kenneth Hite. We had a blast doing this show.

One to ponder... Is it a sign that the world may indeed be ending when Ken Hite's and Andy Hopp's Where the Deep Ones Are is available for pre-order on the Target website?!

Flying Frog Productions' Links
Company Site
Last Night on Earth Board Game Geek Page
A Touch of Evil Board Game Geek Page

Kenneth's Links
Adventures in the Darkness (for Mutants & Masterminds and Truth & Justice)
Grim War (for Wild Talents)
In Nomine
Shadows Over Filmland (for Trail of Cthulhu)
Suppressed Transmissions
Trail of Cthulhu
Where the Deep Ones Are

Other Games Mentioned
Burning Empires
Burning Wheel
Call of Cthulhu
Dogs In the Vineyard
D&D 4E
Grey Ranks
Hero System
The Mountain Witch
Mutants & Masterminds
My Life With Master
Truth & Justice
Wild Talents

Other Sites Mentioned
The Forge
On Board Games
Indie Press Revolution
Story Games

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Category:TGTT Classic -- posted at: 4:51am MDT

  • Wow. I\\\'m getting caught up on the podcast and it sounds like you all had hella fun with Last Night On Earth. With the monsoon and power outage... nice. It\\\'s a game I really want to get for my gaming group for our off-nights.

    posted by: Thomas D on 2008-08-06 17:28:00

  • Last Night On Earth would be perfect for a gaming group on an off-night. We actually found ourselves getting into character when we were playing. It made it even more fun!

    posted by: Veronica on 2008-08-08 11:28:00

  • Hey, we played Last Night on Earth uh, last night. That\'s a totally awesome game. It\'s a game I\'ve been meaning to try out for a while and it was your description of play that finally got our group to sit down with a copy and give it a go. It is now number one on my want list. Now I need to find out more about A Touch of Evil. From the BGG page and the Flying Frog site, it sounds like I would like that even more than Last Night on Earth. If you get a review copy of that, I would be interested in hearing what you think about it.

    posted by: Thomas D on 2008-08-20 23:16:00

  • Personally, I think the soundtrack is pretty awful. As a horror fan (with several appropriate soundtracks in my collection) I have plenty of far more suitable options than THAT disc. It\\\'s pretty nifty that they included a soundtrack with a boardgame, but to me, it\\\'s rather weak and will remain in the box.

    posted by: Scott on 2008-08-02 12:16:00

  • I posted some critical comments about the \\\'Last Night On Earth\\\' soundtrack, but they seem to have vanished in the haze... Anyway, excited about Ken and Andy\\\'s \\\"Where The Deep Ones Are\\\" having worked on the new film version of the original book by Sendak!

    posted by: Scott on 2008-08-05 01:08:00

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