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Episode 040: Robin Elliot of Triple Ace Games and Say Anything

This show brings our interview of Rob Elliot, Production Director of Triple Ace Games, one of the newest Savage Worlds Licensees. We discussed what they've done and where they're going. If you want information about Daring Tales, Necropolis 2350, or Sundered Skies, this is the place to listen.

Before the interview, we review Say Anything, a new party game from North Star Games, the makers of the award-winning Wits & Wagers. Here's a hint: we liked it!

Finally, we hold the first contest of the year, with a chance to win one of the new TGTT Wild Dice!

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  • Ron and Veronica, All of us here at North Star Games loved your great review of Say Anything. I think the final decision was 1.5 thumbs? Anyway, I wanted to point out one thing that has had people a bit confused on the scoring. You only get points if your answer was picked by the judge, or if you bet on the answer picked by the judge. If your tokens are not on the answer picked by the judge, or if tokens are on your answer, you do not get points. But if your answer has the most tokens on it, even if it was not picked by the judge, at least you win lots of pride for having written the most popular answer. And that is what really counts! The judge does get point for choosing an answer that has tokens on it, up to 3. But the judge will not know who has bet on what since he has to select his answer before people bet. Hope that clarifies things! Glad you liked the game so much, 1.5 thumbs and all! Luke

    posted by: Luke on 2008-09-11 15:02:00

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