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Episode 049: [Special] Romance and Gaming

Do you game with your S.O.? Wouldn't it be nice to? Finding a partner that games is mythical to some. On this show we talk to Sean Patrick Fannon, friend of the show and relatively frequent guest. He found such a partner in Carinn Seabolt. How, you say? Well, what does a gamer do better than go on Quests?

We were joined in our "studio" by frequent guest co-host, Jen Decker. In Alabama, we were joined by Sean and Carinn, along with Carinn's roommate and listener of the show, Ted Uecker.

Aside from discussing the Quest and the results of it, we take some feedback in the form of an email and a techno song. Intrigued? Good.

Sean's Projects
Shaintar: Immortal Legends
The Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer's Bible
One Book Shelf

The Quest
Original Announcement on Live Journal
The Open Letter
All Games Considered podcast
Wedding Con 2009

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  • A very entertaining podcast. Good to see that this site has really erupted and taken off. I\\\'ll be happy to pass the link on to the people I know. ^_^

    posted by: Brittany on 2009-02-25 20:49:00

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