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Episode 051: Savage Supers Showcase

For five years, Savage Worlds has had one viable ruleset for four-color supers: Necessary Evil. Recently, Daring Entertainment released Dawn of Legends, the Savage version of the Autumn Arbor superhero setting previously only available through M&M Superlink. What's more, DoL includes brand new rules for supers in Savage Worlds. Joined by our friend John Polack, we interviewed Mike Dukes, Daring Entertainment's Vice President: Creative Director, about Dawn of Legends.

In addition to the release of DoL, Pinnacle Entertainment has released Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition, an update of the original Savage Worlds supers ruleset. A new PEG book means it's time for a new edition of Little Black Book with Clint Black, Necessary Evil's principal author.

All this came together to form the Savage Supers Showcase!

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  • In episode 51, you said no one has ever written a supers rpg product set in a super prison. Not true! In 2006 Green Ronin published a sourcebook for Mutants&Masterminds called Lockdown about a super prison and how to use it in your campaign. This is an excellent product and well worth reviewing if you ever get a chance. Thanks for a great podcast. Keep up the good work, Sayler Van Merlin Long Beach, CA Savageslacker on the Pinnacle forum

    posted by: Sayler Van Merlin on 2009-03-26 20:04:00

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