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Episode 055: Reviewing Legends of Steel Savage Worlds Edition

In this episode, we reviewed Legends of Steel Savage Worlds Edition from Evil DM Productions. We also took the time to go over feedback and get in a couple plugs for our friends.

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Savage Worlds
Origins Game Fair
ENnie Awards
Savagepedia Contest
Modern Floorplans
Wizards of the Coast
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Green Ronin
Day After Ragnarok (Atomic Overmind)
Jaws of the Six Serpents
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Savage Heroes
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Category:TGTT Classic -- posted at: 10:19pm MDT

  • I think you skipped over one thing a bit. After describing how the well the intro described what \'sword & sorcery\' was you then went on to character creation. So I still don\'t know what exactly \'sword & sorcery\' is. And isn\'t. According to this RPG\'s take on it. So I don\'t know what the the game is actually about.

    posted by: Simon on 2009-05-01 09:08:00

  • Thanks for another great podcast! I am soooo glad you will be at Origins and look forward to seeing you there! Check your PayPal account! :) Pepster

    posted by: Pepster on 2009-05-02 10:12:00

  • Good show. I hadn\'t considered Legends of Steel before, but now I\'m intrigued. I wonder how it compares to the free Savage Worlds/Conan pdf that\'s floating around. I wanted to add that I agree with Veronica that, as described, that \"one at a time\" Edge sounds unbalanced. In addition to potentially really slowing down combat I don\'t think it does emulate the genre. For all those occasions where the hero fights the Extras one at a time (which to be honest, are the ones most in need of gang-up bonuses) there are also scenes where that same hero gets dogpiled by mooks and then throws them all off in a display of strength. \"One at a Time\" would make for a brilliant Adventure Card, but I would never allow it as an Edge in a game I was running. Alternately, if the GM wants to emulate a scene like that he can always simply choose to only attack with one mook at a time.

    posted by: Thaddeus on 2009-05-04 14:39:00

  • Another great show and a very fair review. I am an on-line acquaintance of Jeff\\\'s and am one of the people who emailed you and pushed for a review. I think you did a nice job of pointing out the few (mostly forgivable) flaws and foibles of LOS while still featuring good information on the value of the product and why people would want to buy it. For its price, it is a solid product and Jeff clearly put a lot of love into it.

    posted by: Doc Holaday on 2009-04-30 12:55:00

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