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Episode 057: RandomCon 2009

We recorded "live" at RandomCon 2009 in Phoenix, AZ. At the con, we managed to wrangle two podcasters, Don Dehm (Pulp Gamer) and Brian Isikoff (2d6 Feet in a Random Direction), into hosting the show with us, along with friends Jen Decker and John Polack. We were also joined by Susan from Laughing Moon Chronicles Eric Torres, creator of the World of Rynaga, and the inimitable John Wick (Wicked Dead Brewing Company).

Aside from discussing the first year con, Brian, Don, and John W. joined me in resolving the winner of what turned out to be an amazing prize in our ENnies 2009 contest. Brian and Don acted for our two finalists in a deadly chase, and Mr. Wick provided their opposition in the form of an Angry Bear!

RPG Links:
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
Deadlands/Savage Worlds
Hellfrost/Necropolis 2350
Hollow Earth Expedition
Houses of the Blooded
Ravaged Earth/RunePunk

Board Game Links:
Apples to Apples
Cash'n Guns
Hey! That's My Fish!
Milles Bornes
Monster Mayhem
Stone Age

Other Links:
12 to Midnight/Fabled Environments
Cheyenne Wright
Dwarven Forge
Indie Press Revolution
Origins Awards
RinCon '09
Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA)
Steve Jackson Games

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  • Yeah, the idea of a \\\"Binary Review\\\" is flawed in SO many ways, especially when you\\\'re commenting on an event like a con! Sheesh... Binary Review, Shminary Reblob!

    posted by: Ogma on 2009-05-16 13:10:00

  • After that comment, my nature pretty much requires me to review more things this way. Just sayin\'! :)

    posted by: Ron on 2009-05-16 14:02:00

  • That first comment was definitely NOT awesome. ;)

    posted by: walkerp on 2009-06-03 09:57:00

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