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This show has our first roleplaying roundtable review. Veronica and I lead a discussion about Mythic Game Master Emulator.

In addition, we interview Brennan Taylor of Indie Press Revolution (IPR) and Galileo Games. Brennan discusses IPR and his game Mortal Coil. He also gives us the scoop on his new upcoming game.

Mythic G.M.E links:
Home Site -
Purchase @ RPG Now -

Brennan Taylor Links:
Brennan's blog -
Galileo Games -
Indie Press Revolution -


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  • Nice podcast. I like the roundtable discussion on Mythic. I was thinking of picking this up and finally did. As I listen to the podcast and think about the GM-less Mythic, I thought of a way to cut down on big discussion in game: use a poker dealer puck. Whoever has the puck has veto power to cut down on the sillyness and long discussion. Once they make a ruling, they pass the puck to the left.

    posted by: chalfant on 2006-12-05 09:43:00

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