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After an involuntary hiatus, Ron and Kainan are back with a streamlined format.

In this show we review Thurn and Taxis, and we continue our multi-part series on the Gipf Project with Zertz. Also, we play our first audio feedback from Board Games to Go's Mark Johnson!

Games discussed/reviewed:
Thurn and Taxis

Other podcasts:
Board Games to Go

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Kainan's back. In this episode we brought some closure to pluralizations, gave ourselves license to make new words, and discussed some games. We continued the Gipf Project series with Tamsk. Our Savage Worlds feature became a multi-parter, so this is the first of an undisclosed number of parts in that RPG. Also, we reviewed Aquarius.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Savage Worlds

Other podcasts:
The Dice Tower
Boardgames with Scott

Other items of note:

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In this episode Kainan isn't here, but Ron is joined by Paul Clarke and Jack Saunders. We discuss the Cleopatra trade variant Ron came up with, and the results for that. We begin the multi-part series covering the Gipf Project. We also review Dead Man's Treasure and Power Grid.

Ron made two (known) mistakes during the podcast in the Power Grid sequence. There is no plutonium in the game. The proper resource is uranium. Also, the top connection cost is actually 28.

Games discussed/reviewed:
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
The Gipf Project
Dead Man's Treasure
Power Grid
Shadows Over Camelot
Gurps Infinite World

Other podcasts:
Have Games Will Travel
Pulp Gamer
Board Games With Scott

Other items of note:
The 32nd Annual Origins Awards results
The plural of "sphinx"

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So the first show is up and ready for listening! It's really obvious both Kainan and I were nervous, what with the ums, uhs, and some of  the noncommital or slightly disjointed discussion bits, but I expect this to improve as we get used to the process. Before anyone points this out first, I'd like to bring your attention to me saying "talk to the games about my customers." While this is something I've likely done in frustration before, in this context I meant "talk to my customers about the games."

This show features an introduction to Kainan and me, a discussion about the state of the gaming hobby and what we can do to perhaps improve or "grow" it, and reviews and comments about Pirate's Cove, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, and Double or Nothing.

As this wasn't ready at the time of the recording we didn't mention it, but it is worth noting that audio comments can now also be voicemailed via regular phone to 520-777-9488. The corrected details on feedback are in the righthand column of this page.


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