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Ron welcomes Jack to the show as they take some feedback, review Gheos and Midgard, and talk about what they're playing recently.

Chris Engler's Arkham Horror Quick Reference Sheet
Ron's BGG review of Midgard

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So after what turned out to be over a month-long hiatus, it's time for another Savage Worlds show!

This month Veronica and I interview Clint Black, the Pinnacle forum moderator and rules guru (of DOOM!). He talks about his interesting past (what with the shooting and the snake eating), Necessary Evil, and how he came to be such a key part of the Savage Worlds "thing." Clint also reveals a big secret about an upcoming Savage Worlds product.

In addition to this, we have our monthly check-in with Joe Unger and give away the hardcover autographed copy of Runepunk (courtesy of Sean Preston at Reality Blurs) in a duel to the blood (only with dice and cards).

All this, and we begin the next contest for another awesome prize!


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