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This month, Veronica and I interviewed Ed Wetterman of 12 to Midnight. We discussed Ed's gaming past, as well as the history and future of 12 to Midnight. Ed talks about his many projects including Innana's Kiss, Green's Guide to Ghosts, and the much-anticipated 12 Hours to Midnight. On top of all this, Ed has put up the biggest prize yet for the next contest!

We also have our regular check-in with Pinnacle's marketing guru, Joe Unger, who tells us about The Savage Worlds Explorers Society and the new print products hitting your FLGS beginning in early may. There's also big news about a very special product that is coming back for a limited time.

What is Last Rites of the Small Chicken? Tune in to find out!

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I was invited to Hat's Games in Tucson, AZ for the launch of a new, locally-produced card game called Treasure Fleet. While there, I talked to the creators at Ship of Fools Games and covered a tournament celebrating the release of the game.

Thanks to John and Jonathan at Ship of Fools Games for the invite and to Dave at Hat's Games for hosting!


EDIT: Capn John Morgan has graciously made a special discount to The Game's the Thing listeners. Through the end of February, you can buy Treasure Fleet from the Ship of Fools Games Store for only $15.95 with free shipping! Here's how Capn John says to make the purchase:

The code is: TGTT

To enter the code:
1. Go to the SOFG store (
2. Click on the big "Treasure  Fleet" logo in the middle or the "Treasure  Fleet" item on the left side.
3. Set the quantity to the desired level and click the "Add to Cart" button.
4. Click the "View Cart" button or the cart icon on the top-right side of the page.
5. Enter the offer code (TGTT) in the space provided and click the "Apply Offer Code" button.
6. If the correct code was entered the price should change and the offer code input should no longer be displayed.
7. Click the "Check Out Now" button to proceed to the check out screens.

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