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Episode 034: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Discussion

We were joined by our friend and local d20 expert, Andrew Harvey, to discuss our thoughts and opinions of the new D&D. And yes, we do alternately call him Andrew and Harvey. It's a long story.

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Episode 033: Online Tabletop Gaming with Kevin Melka

We were joined by Kevin Melka of Digital Adventures, a publisher for the popular online tabletop roleplaying software, Fantasy Grounds II. We discussed playing pen and paper RPGs online, as well as using tools like FGII at the game table. Also, Kevin reveals future plans for Digital Adventures, as it pertains to Savage Worlds Online and future rulesets coming out soon.

Games Discussed
Arcana Evolved
Call of Cthulhu
Castles & Crusades
Iron Heroes
Rolemaster Classic
Savage Worlds

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