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Episode 041: Halt Evil Doer! with Charles Phipps

We interviewed Charles Phipps, creator of Halt Evil Doer!, a M&M Superlink setting published by Arbor Productions. Charles also announces two new upcoming settings: Winterweir, a dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds and the Pathfinder RPG, and Streets of Frenzy, a modern martial arts/crime drama setting for Savage Worlds.

In addition to all of the above, we gave away the first TGTT Wild Die on this show. Congratulations to the winner!

Other Games Mentioned:
Dungeons & Dragons
D6 Star Wars
World of Darkness

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Episode 040: Robin Elliot of Triple Ace Games and Say Anything

This show brings our interview of Rob Elliot, Production Director of Triple Ace Games, one of the newest Savage Worlds Licensees. We discussed what they've done and where they're going. If you want information about Daring Tales, Necropolis 2350, or Sundered Skies, this is the place to listen.

Before the interview, we review Say Anything, a new party game from North Star Games, the makers of the award-winning Wits & Wagers. Here's a hint: we liked it!

Finally, we hold the first contest of the year, with a chance to win one of the new TGTT Wild Dice!

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