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Episode 045: Houses of the Blooded w/ John Wick and RinCon '08 Wrap-Up

At RinCon '08, we were joined by Guest of Honor, John Wick. We discussed his new "big" game, Houses of the Blooded, along with many of the games he's designed in the past, such as Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, and, more recently, Wilderness of Mirrors. John also talks about what he's playing now and what he hates about roleplaying games.

Also, we inform folks about the rest of the year's shows and our upcoming, much shorter than last year, hiatus. Of course we give our thoughts on RinCon, itself, as well. Hint: Fun was had by all.

[UPDATE] Wilderness of Mirrors, John Wick's great espionage game, is now available on PDF at Indie Press Revolution. Check it out!

Houses of the Blooded Site
Wicked Dead Brewing Company

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Episode 044: Announcing Hellfrost with Triple Ace Games

We are proud to be part of the announcement of Triple Ace Games' brand new fantasy setting, Hellfrost, an open setting for Savage Worlds. Dave, Rob, and Wiggy, the three big aces of Triple Ace, took the time to discuss the new setting with us in great depth.

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