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Episode 053: April Fool's Day with Clint Black

Clint has taken over the show! Mad with power, he's decided to spill the beans on several upcoming Savage Worlds products, one of which Pinnacle has not previously announced! Listen up to find it if we ever get control of the show again...

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Episode 052: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. with Eloy Lasanta

We were joined by Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games to discuss his new setting, Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (API). Eloy was also kind enough to teach us to use API's Dynamic Gaming System (DGS), which we used as an excuse to resolve our contest for a set of TGTT dice. At the end, Eloy announced he'd be giving free PDF copies of API to the two finalists in the contest!

In addition to all this, we discussed API Worldwide: Canada, API's first sourcebook, and we got a sneak preview of what else is coming for the setting and the DGS.

Finally, Eloy asks that you consider a donation to Autism Speaks.

Other Games Mentioned:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG

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Studio 2 Publishing

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Episode 051: Savage Supers Showcase

For five years, Savage Worlds has had one viable ruleset for four-color supers: Necessary Evil. Recently, Daring Entertainment released Dawn of Legends, the Savage version of the Autumn Arbor superhero setting previously only available through M&M Superlink. What's more, DoL includes brand new rules for supers in Savage Worlds. Joined by our friend John Polack, we interviewed Mike Dukes, Daring Entertainment's Vice President: Creative Director, about Dawn of Legends.

In addition to the release of DoL, Pinnacle Entertainment has released Necessary Evil: Explorer's Edition, an update of the original Savage Worlds supers ruleset. A new PEG book means it's time for a new edition of Little Black Book with Clint Black, Necessary Evil's principal author.

All this came together to form the Savage Supers Showcase!

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