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Episode 059: 2009 Savage Worlds Roundtable at Origins

We held the 2nd Annual Savage Worlds Roundtable at the 2009 Origins Game Fair. We were joined by Shane Hensley, Clint Black, Matt Cutter, and Joel Kinstle from Pinnacle Entertainment (Joel's also with Studio 2 Publishing), our gracious host Sean Preston and Stacy Young from Reality Blurs, phenomenal artist and Girl Genius colorist, Cheyenne Wright, Evil Mike and Chaos Steve from the Savage Worlds Explorer's Society, and Heath "Pepster" Medlin, provider of some amazing, custom dice from Chessex, from the PEG forums.

To open the show we've used the latest Savage song performed by Matt Cutter, Games to Run. Like "The Man They Call Shane," the lyrics were written by Clint Black.

Finally, for the real answer to: Joel, how did you get involved with Pinnacle? Click here:

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Episode 058: Origins 2009 Exhibition Hall Walkthrough

We spent our Saturday and Sunday at the Origins Game Fair collecting short interviews on the Exhibition Hall floor with as many creators and manufacturers as we could squeeze in. Get a feel for the show floor of Origins with our 14 conversations.

Twilight Creations
Deadlands/Savage Worlds
North Star Games
Kenzer and Company
Wells Expeditions
Catalyst Game Labs
Monsters in the Sky
IPR Out of the Box
Atomic Overmind
Pelgrane Press
Exile Game Studio
Paradigm Concepts
Shard Studios
Z-Man Games
Hero Games
Margaret Weis Productions
d20 Pro

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