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Episode 084: Black Crusade w/ Ross Watson & Sam Stewart

Ross Watson makes his return to the show, and this time he has back-up in fellow designer, Sam Stewart, who joins us for the first time. These fine gentlemen present Fantasy Flight Games' latest Warhammer 40,000 RPG, Black Crusade. Soon to be released at GenCon, this fourth game in the trilogy allows roleplayers to craft a campaign from the perspective of Chaos.

We did have some sound issues, stemming from rain thrashing the metal roof at FFG HQ. But it's worth the listen if you have any interest in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe!

By the way, you still have through June 30th to take the RPG Podcasts survey!

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Episode 083: Apathy Games

We were joined by Jeff Carlsen and Tyson J. Hayes of Apathy Games, wherein we discussed their Savage Worlds setting, Temporal Probability Agency. We spent quite a bit of time talking about their design choices, especially in terms of presentation, regarding their new Savage Worlds stat block and their adventure layout.

Other games mentioned:
d20 Modern
Dungeons & Dragons
Storytelling Adventure System

Other items of interest:
Men In Black
Order of the Stick
Pampered Chef
RPG Podcasts Survey
Tyson's beercast, Snooty Drunks

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Episode 082: Chuck Rice of Vigilance Press

We had a great discussion with Chuck Rice of Vigilance Press. We discussed Chuck's career, including his time with RPG Objects, where he supported d20 Modern (most notably the Blood & ______ series), Darwin's World, and his own take on the Modern SRD, Modern20. Vigilance Press currently supports Bash, d20, Icons, Mutants & Masterminds, Mutant Future, OSRIC, and True20. We spoke at length about Chuck's two recent projects, The Usher Dossiers and Nuclear Sunset.

Other Links:
Chuck's Blog
RPG Podcasts Survey
Vigilance Press Podcast

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We finally return from our hiatus to bring our listeners up to speed and discuss a crazy, gamer-related idea Veronica and her sister Cat have. They've put together a Pampered Chef party for RPG enthusiasts. Sound fun? It should. We also talked about some upcoming guests, our friends at the Pulp Gamer Media Network, and this year's listener survey. We even mentioned our friends at Oh, and Ron may have poked fun at Tucson and its inhabitants once or twice. But Tucsonans are such good folks, they'll be fine with it... right?

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