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Fair warning, we did not edit this episode. It was hard enough to add the music. There were tears during and after the recording. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions below--take them in the context they were made.

We recorded our final, regular show at Genghis Con XXXIII, which was presented by the Denver Gamers Association (DGA) at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado.

We were joined at the table by Clint Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Ed Doolittle (friend), Chris Fuchs (The Savage Mommy), Lee Langston (The God of Gaming), Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games), Leif Olsen (DGA), Sean Preston (Reality Blurs), Bill Stilson (DGA), Justin Suzuki (Protocol 5 Productions), and Linda Tschappat (DGA). There were short appearances by Doug Keester (friend and local gamer-at-large), Bill Keyes (Blackwyrm Publishing), Ross Watson (Vigil Games), and others.

Our discussion started with a Genghis Con wrap-up. We also talked about the show ending, including some of our favorite all-time moments, and what's coming up for Ron and Veronica.

We introduced our new, upcoming show, RoleplayDNA, and it's cast: Ron Blessing, Veronica Blessing, Ed Doolittle, Lee Langston, and Justin Suzuki. Look for RoleplayDNA in April 2012!

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Episode 099: Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown w/ Geoffrey McKinney

We were joined by Geoffrey McKinney, designer of Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown, recently released by Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Of course the controversy surrounding Carcosa was discussed. Overall it was a great time!

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Hey folks!

We have been talking about this privately for awhile, and now we think it's time to just do it. We have made the decision to end The Game's the Thing at Episode 100. We think 100 is a great place to end it, and after over 5 1/2 years, we're ready to move on to new things.

We will be announcing our next steps as soon as we know what they are. In the meantime you have two shows to look forward to, and we truly hope you enjoy them.

Until next episode, do good, avoid evil, and PLAY MORE GAMES!

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Episode 098: The Widening Gyre w/ Bill Keyes

We were joined by game designer and layout artist, Bill Keyes. We discussed his setting for the Hero System, the Widening Gyre, from Blackwyrm Publishing. Of course no discussion of a steampunk game would be complete without waxing philosophical on the genre itself, which we did.

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Episode 097: Night's Black Agents w/ Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite joined us to discuss his latest Gumshoe game from Pelgrane Press, the vampire spy thriller, Night's Black Agents (NBA). During the discussion Ken told us what's upcoming for the game, including a previously unrevealed campaign sourcebook. Toward the end of the show, we even have time to talk about Ken's geekiest effort to date, Adventures Into Darkness.

Game Links:
Ashen Stars
Bubble Gum Shoe
Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG
Day After Ragnarok
Delta Green
Hunter: The Vigil
Mutants & Masterminds

PDQ: Truth & Justice
Smallville RPG
Trail of Cthulhu
World War Cthulhu

Media Links:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Declare by Tim Powers
George Smiley
James Bond
Jason Bourne
Kiss Me Deadly
Mission: Impossible
Nedor Publishing
Veronica Mars

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