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New Website Soon and Flashback Friday

We just wanted to let you know we will have a brand new site for TGTT very soon! Further, we will be re-starting Flashback Fridays—it turns out we had some errors with our download numbers, which are now fixed. The plan is to have blogs every Monday and most Wednesdays, with Flashback Friday rounding out our typical week. All this is leading up to the return of the podcast in Summer 2014!

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Special: Dragon Kings w/ Timothy Brown

The Blessings briefly return to bring you this special episode, wherein they interview Tim Brown, creator of the new setting, Dragon Kings. We learn Tim's history in the game industry and get treated to an exceprt of one of the songs from the Dragon Kings concept album. Check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter while you still can!

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One thing we've decided about our return is that it has to be right. We understand it's going to take time as well, so we beg your patience. At this point, we're thinking the return of a regular show will be some time in the first half of 2014. We have a few requirements for our return, including a new website, a stable recording environment, and a consistent schedule. It's also our hope for both of us to blog regularly on the site, so perhaps The Game's the Thing isn't just a podcast, but more of a multimedia thing. Finally, we are looking to perhaps publish our own game material under the TGTT banner. This last one will likely take the most time to get rolling. Whatever happens, we will keep you posted.

We did do a little bit of recording at TactiCon over Labor Day weekend. It will produce one or two shows that will be released through the feed, but for strategic numbering purposes it/they will be listed as "specials." Look for at least one very soon.

Until next time, do good, avoid evil, and play more games!

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Okay. Veronica and I have decided we would definitely like to return to The Game's the Thing. We miss talking to our game indurstry friends and making new ones. So we're in the process of finding our way back. We have a couple obstacles to our return, and they're strongly related: time and money. Let me explain.

Veronica is very busy with our new son. He'll be 8 months old soon, and she's nursing him; so hopefully you can imagine the time sink when you add in Vern's full time job and our other child, Catherine, who's 9 going on 16.

On top of my father/husband duties and my full-time job, I have to freelance to make ends meet. One of the reasons I ended The Game's the Thing was that I had three activities outside the aforementiond father/husband/job: podcasting, freelancing, and gaming. Bottom line was the difference between podcasting and freelancing was much-needed money. And I wasn't going to give up gaming so I could talk about games and work on games. It just seemed counter-intuitive.

So here's the impasse. If we were to come back to TGTT, the podcast would have to replace at least some of the money I'd lose by reducing my freelancing workload. Unfortunately there's no consistent way to monetize a podcast. RPG companies don't tend to have much money to advertise on podcasts (even ones that can get 22,000 downloads in a year without new content). Click-through advertising is both ugly and annoying. A "donate" button doesn't provide much incentive. There's no good way to charge per episode that I can think of.

Enter Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is huge, and I know of at least one podcast that made a comeback using Kickstarter. So I'm going to put it to you, the listener (and reader, apparently). What do you really think of a Kickstarter for TGTT? I'd like some real discussion here.

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