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Episode 066: Entry-Level RPGs with Chris Pramas

We were joined by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, makers of the entry-level tabletop RPG based on Bioware's Dragon Age computer games. Aside from the topic of entry-level RPGs, we discussed licensed games a bit. Toward the end, Chris let us know what was coming out next for Green Ronin's various product lines.

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  • I was impressed enough by what I heard that I rushed into the dealer\\\'s room at the local convention between games and scored my boxed set of Dragon Age. I can say, after reading it through in a day and some, that it looks as good as billed.

    posted by: Mike \\\"Tastey Bear Snack\\\" Heywood on 2010-03-30 03:01:00

  • Great to hear you guys played in the Faery\\\'s Tale game at MACE. Clint Black told me about it and forwarded me a pic. I\\\'m one of the FT co-authors and was at MACE, but I didn\\\'t get a chance to see his daughter GM it. I told Clint I was proud of her. Sorry I didn\\\'t get to meet you two at MACE. Maybe next time. Btw, you forgot to put FT link beside Green Ronin. :) Christina

    posted by: Christina Stiles on 2010-03-23 16:55:00

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