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Episode 068: [Super May] Basic Action Super Heroes!

Super May continues with Basic Action Games' Chris Rutkowsky. Along with our discussion of the supers roleplaying category, Chris tells us about his game, Basic Action Super Heroes! Ultimate Edition.

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  • Guys, LOVED this episode. Dug it so much that I downloaded BASH UE. Seems like just what I\'ve been searching for. That is, a game that is lite but still have some crunch and builability to it (in between say, M&M and ICONS). I love the feel of this game which is just what I want from a supers game. I am VERY much looking forward to the other supplements that are coming out for UE. And I, agree that the powers book should be called the \\\\\\\"Awesome Powers\\\\\\\" book. Oh, and I dig the idea of random power tables and power sets, so cool (takes me back to my V&V the ris of dating myself). Thanks again!

    posted by: Rich on 2010-08-03 09:55:00

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