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Episode 070: [Super May] Smallville RPG

We conclude Super May with Margaret Weis Productions' Cam Banks. We of course discuss the Smallville RPG and the supers genre, in general. The Game's the Thing will return on June 18th, when we'll dovetail off of Smallville, into our next topic!

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  • Hey V & R, This was a good show. The game sounds interesting. I\\\'m a fan of the show though I don\\\'t get to watch it much. I\\\'m like Cam and like the team books the best. I looked forward to the JLA/JSA teamups. JSA is my second favorite after Agents of Atlas. I currently only own BASH! but am hoping to pick up T&J and NE soon. My supers rpg experience is non-existent at this point so I need to do something. Leverage is one that really interests me. How about a show on it?

    posted by: tomg on 2010-06-11 17:55:00

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