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Okay. Veronica and I have decided we would definitely like to return to The Game's the Thing. We miss talking to our game indurstry friends and making new ones. So we're in the process of finding our way back. We have a couple obstacles to our return, and they're strongly related: time and money. Let me explain.

Veronica is very busy with our new son. He'll be 8 months old soon, and she's nursing him; so hopefully you can imagine the time sink when you add in Vern's full time job and our other child, Catherine, who's 9 going on 16.

On top of my father/husband duties and my full-time job, I have to freelance to make ends meet. One of the reasons I ended The Game's the Thing was that I had three activities outside the aforementiond father/husband/job: podcasting, freelancing, and gaming. Bottom line was the difference between podcasting and freelancing was much-needed money. And I wasn't going to give up gaming so I could talk about games and work on games. It just seemed counter-intuitive.

So here's the impasse. If we were to come back to TGTT, the podcast would have to replace at least some of the money I'd lose by reducing my freelancing workload. Unfortunately there's no consistent way to monetize a podcast. RPG companies don't tend to have much money to advertise on podcasts (even ones that can get 22,000 downloads in a year without new content). Click-through advertising is both ugly and annoying. A "donate" button doesn't provide much incentive. There's no good way to charge per episode that I can think of.

Enter Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is huge, and I know of at least one podcast that made a comeback using Kickstarter. So I'm going to put it to you, the listener (and reader, apparently). What do you really think of a Kickstarter for TGTT? I'd like some real discussion here.

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  • You guys were some of the many that got me into Savage Worlds back in the beginning of your podcast run. I have the honor of being the tastey bear snack of those heady days of the Explorer's edition. I am spreading out into other games these days, and I would love to hear about all sorts of interesting things going on in the game industry. Your episodes are always fun and easy to listen to, and your efforts to make it fun for the guests make it fun for us, too. If I had the money, I would happily support something like a yearly cost of keeping it up kickstarter or whatnot.

    posted by: Mike H on 2013-08-13 03:27:51

  • Any word on the Kick Starter? How much funds you aim to raise?

    posted by: SniffyCrab on 2013-06-23 04:53:26

  • I loved your show and would gladly back your Kick Starter to see it return.

    posted by: Big_Pete on 2013-04-23 10:23:51

  • I'm not a regular podcast listener as like you and Veronica, I've got a ton of stuff on my plate. That being said, I've consistently heard good things about The Game's the Thing and am always interested in considering what rewards are offered in a Kickstarter to see if they will convert me from being an interested party to paying backer. As a new game publisher, I am actively looking for places to get my company and game setting mentioned legitimately (as in, someplace that's actually interested, not threadjacking). When I see queries like yours, I see opportunity to get a need met while helping someone else. And in case you're not aware, there's a Facebook group started by Silver Gryphon Games that's all about Kickstarter best practices and lessons learned (which is also the group's name))from those who have done or are considering running a Kickstarter. It's another place for feedback - mostly from game companies - before embarking on the endeavor.

    posted by: Vickey Beaver on 2013-04-11 13:38:48

  • Hi Ron, As someone who has to hussle to make ends meet, I feel your pain. As far as a kickstarter to support TGTT, I would wholeheartedly back it. I can say that I miss hearing you in Vern, just in the couple months you have been off the mic. Listening to your podcasts has brought a wealth of information and entertainment to me, and i only think it fair to now extend the good karma back to you. so I hope you decide to go forward, and i hope it is AWESOME!

    posted by: David Walker on 2013-04-10 13:55:11

  • I'll support it:

    posted by: scourger on 2013-04-10 03:20:37

  • Hey guys! First I stumbled on your podcast just recently as I began to delve into Savage Worlds. Long time GM (30+ years) and a few minor rpg credits. I have to say you guys do a great job and are easy to listen to. I would definitely go the Kickstarter route and would be even willing to help out if needed.

    posted by: Ron Corn on 2013-04-09 21:24:03

  • What sort of incentives would you make available to people who pledged to the kickstarter?

    posted by: teh bunneh on 2013-04-09 13:45:48

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