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Our first all-roleplaying show went well as I introduce my wife, Veronica, to the show. We interviewed Shane Lacy Hensley, creator of Savage Worlds and, of course, Deadlands! Shane spills the beans about a neat upcoming product in Great White Games' future and dishes about his history in gaming and developing RPGs. Shane also gives details about the upcoming "The Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane" and discusses how GWG's licenses with Wiz Kids Games came about. Listen in to learn three things about Shane you probably never knew!

Visit Shane's company, Great White Games/Pinnacle Entertainment Group, to learn about all the neat products discussed.

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  • Thanks again for all the comments, folks! I was wondering if I\'d ever get feedback. I guess when it rains it pours! Don\'t be afraid to leave feedback on one of our internet phone lines or at 520-777-9488!

    posted by: Ron on 2006-10-10 22:14:00

  • Cool show. Now I gotta go find your other Savage Worlds show...

    posted by: Cheyenne Wright on 2006-10-08 14:39:00

  • Excellent interview, very insightful, and it was very fun to listen to.

    posted by: Benjamin Jackson on 2006-10-10 00:51:00

  • Nice interview and yes, count me in for a copy or two of the Deadlands boardgame.

    posted by: Torquemada on 2006-10-10 22:05:00

  • Great interview. Very nice to heat Shane speak on roleplaying. Look forward to coming back for more. Enjoyed listening to your podcast.

    posted by: Jerry Blakemore on 2006-10-08 01:21:00

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